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10 Easy Yoga Poses for Kids


10 Easy Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga is widely known as a relaxation activity for adults. Aside from that, many find the activity stress-releasing, peace-enhancing, and tension releasing. With that being said, it is without doubt that yoga is a popular and known activity these days that even kids are doing it too.

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While adults are engaged into doing yoga because of the earlier mentioned benefits, kids on the other hand are engaged simply because it is fun for them. They may not know its benefits, but at least they are getting those by having fun.

Unlike adult yoga, children’s yoga have different poses of which are accessible to them, safe, exciting, and of course fun. As a guide, here are 10 easy yoga steps for children:

  1. Boat Pose. This pose is a resemblance of a boat, a ship, a canoe, or a kayak. To do this, instruct your kid to balance on their buttocks with their legs up. Then do a rocking motion as if you are in water like a boat or a ship.
  2. Cat and Cow. With this pose’s name, kids will be delighted to try as they are about to mimic an animals’ posture. To do this, make them walk on fours and have them look up with bellies drop for a cow pose, and then have hem arch their back like an angry cat for the cat pose.
  3. Bow Pose. To have kids get excited with this pose, tell them they will be imitating a fish, a whale, a basket, or a bow. This pose is done by having the kids lie on their tummies, and then bend their knees, and then lifting the chest. Instruct them after to reach their arms backward reaching their toes and hold onto their feet.
  4. Bridge Pose. This pose mimics a bridge. This is done by lying on the back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Instruct them to have their arms rested down alongside with the body. Next is to have them tuck their chin into their chest and have them lift their buttocks and back to mimic the structure of a bridge.
  5. Tree Pose. The tree pose helps children recognize their own inner strengths and focus. Aside from that, this yoga pose also help kids stand tall and proud which helps them remind themselves that they are strong and wonderful. To do the tree pose, instruct kids to stand in balance and have their foot’s sole pressed inside the standing leg.
  6. Corpse Pose. Also known as Savasana, this pose is achieved by just lying on their backs in a relaxing manner. With this pose, breathing exercises are best instilled for them to practice.
  7. Happy Baby Pose. This pose gives the hip joints a gently greater awareness. Smoothly stretches the inner groin and back and calms the brain, helping to relieve stress and fatigue. To do the Happy baby pose lie on your back bend your knees into your belly then grip the feet with your hands open your knees slightly wider than your torso and bring them upward to your armpits. Push your feet upward up into your hands as you pull down to create resistance.
  8. Airplane Pose. This challenging pose keeps kids engaged as they use all of their body’s muscles to stabilize their airplane. Balancing on one leg, kicking the other behind them, and expanding both arms like wings, children can imagine that they’re flying high over their town, or wherever they can dream of becoming.
  9. Cobbler’s Pose. Most commonly called Butterfly Pose. You can pretend to be a butterfly. It can restores and calms your mind, relieves stress, helps relieve tension in your lower back, stretches the hips, groin and inner thighs, relieves sciatic pain, helps relieve menstrual and prenatal pain. To this sit on your buttocks with a tall spine, bend your legs, put the sole of your feet together and flap your legs gently like a butterfly’s wings.
  10. Flower Pose. It is also known as: Blossoming Lotus Pose, Flowering Lotus Pose, or Floating Lotus It’s a fun pose to work on balance, strengthen the stomach, and imagine blossoming like a flower. It’s a fun pose to do in a group, too! It can open your hips and chest, develop your core muscles, increase your balance and coordination, strengthen your arms and boost your energy. To perform the pose Come and sit with a tall spine on your buttocks, lift your legs, balance your sitting bones, touch the sole of your feet together and weave your arms under your legs.

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