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25 Best Apps for New Moms


25 Best Apps for New Moms

You’re probably trying to balance time as a new mother between taking care of your baby, taking a little bit out for yourself, and trying to squeeze in some for your job or office work. Of course, managing everything on your own is not possible, and sometimes a little help can make a big difference. With technology penetrating almost every aspect of our lives, you’ve ever thought of using your phone to help you become a mother. Now is the time to update your phone with apps to make baby life a little easier. They will help you track feed, sleep, and decipher developmental milestones. Here is a list of 25 best apps for new moms:


  1. Peanut – This baby app brings you into connection with other moms that fit your interests best. A new community discussion feature called Peanut Pages was also launched to ask questions and crowdsources the minds of other moms who were there. If you hit it off, you can chat to see if you can even schedule some playdates.
  2. Today’s Parent My Family – This baby app helps you track naps, help feed breast and feed bottles. It also has videos on recipes and crafts and much more
  3. Baby Sparks – You will find more than 1,300 development activities and milestones on this app, such as standing or crawling up and down stairs. Video instructions are also available for tricky topics, such as learning how to safely teach your child how to roll over and eventually start crawling.
  4. The Wonder Weeks – This app has covered you with video explanations and more than 500 cognitive development facts about your baby. This weekly update is informative, fun to follow, and a note feature helps you learn at your own pace.
  5. Cloud Monitor Baby – This live streaming app enables you to keep an eye on your baby without the use of a baby monitor or receiver. The app is iOS and Android compatible, but you will need two devices
  6. Glow Baby – This app keeps track of everything from bottle feeds to sleep schedules and provides valuable information about solid starting, developmental milestones and much more. Plus, get custom parenting tips on a daily basis
  7. What to Expect – This app offers more than 15,000 articles, health news, and patient stories about development and care during pregnancy, pregnancy, and infancy throughout infancy. Add in the due date of your baby and you will also receive customized updates on the development of your child.
  8. MyMedela – This app offers nursing tips and suggestions for products while helping you track the key activities and growth of your baby. You can easily log changes to the diaper, pump, and feed and sleep schedules and get instant expert guidance using the problem-solver function.
  9. Baby Night Light – This night light app gives you a soft, comfortable light and plays quiet sounds to help your baby doze off. The company recommends setting your device to airplane mode in order to avoid unwarranted sounds and place it on a surface near the bed of your baby. You can also set a timer to turn off the app automatically, but when the baby starts crying, it turns on to soothe them.
  10. Sound Sleeper – This baby sleep app serves as a white noise machine that creates high-quality machine sounds from hushing to vacuum cleaner. Along with generating color coded graphs, you can keep track of their sleep patterns
  11. Sitter City – Even new parents deserve a relaxing and rejuvenating night out. This app assists you in finding someone you can trust. The company conducts background checks on all candidates, and parents can screen additional candidates by reading thorough babysitting profiles, references, parent reviews, and interviews.
  12. Baby Time – It is an all-in-one app. It makes feeding times, bottles, pumping, sleeping, baths and even diaper changes easy to track. It keeps track of everything in a handy, customizable graph that can help you figure out the baby’s natural rhythm and be a convenient way to share all the information about your baby.
  13. Sprout – This all-in-one tool helps you to keep track of the daily activities and care of your baby. It is packed with useful resources such as a fact sheet on doctor visits, a growth chart using datasets from the World Health Organization, a tracker of developmental milestones using CDC guidelines, and more.
  14. Spotify – Super popular music app is covered with all the baby sounds. Choose from a wide variety of sounds, from womb noises to waterfalls, fairy tales and children’s classical music. This app covers all the baby’s audio needs. Also, plus yours.
  15. Tiny Beans – This baby app has been designed for people who don’t want their baby on social media, but still want to share frequent updates with loved ones. You can send your baby’s daily snapshots to as many people as you want, as long as they have an app or an email address.
  16. Milk Maid – It’s helpful app if you’re primarily pumping and bottle feeding. To keep track of exactly how much milk your baby drinks. Calculate what the baby has during the day and even during the week. You can also keep track of how much you stored for future use in the refrigerator. Set the expiry dates to help you make good use of them.
  17. Heal – If an emergency occurs and you are unable to get an appointment with your doctor. This app sends a licensed doctor to your home so that your baby can immediately get the care he or she needs. The app accepts insurance from major PPO insurance plans (Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, and more), so parents only have to cover a co-payment cost. However, if you don’t have the insurance accepted, the house-call will cost about $ 99.
  18. Web MD Baby – This health baby app contains trustworthy vaccine information, baby sleep information and the latest health news. It’s like a doctor in your pocket and with that you can’t go wrong.
  19. InfantRisk Center Health Care App – For parents who are breastfeeding and taking medication, this healthcare app is worth every cent. You can search for more than 20,000 prescription and non-prescription medicines and vitamins to see if they are safe for both mom and baby. The app is updated daily, so you never have to worry about being out of touch, and the option to call the InfantRisk Center directly from the app is always available.
  20. Baby Pics – Every parent wants to document all the precious moments to show friends and family their baby. This photo enhancement app that includes monthly dates to mark, stickers to spiff up the first and other cute emojis and doodles.
  21. Pabobo – This app gives a restless baby a soothing lullabies and a warm glow. Choose from six peaceful lullabies and night lights that can be customized for brightness and colour. You can also set a timer to switch off the app automatically, and a noise detection indicator will alert you when baby is crying.
  22. The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories – This app will document all the first and valuable memories in the first 20 months of your baby. Keep all your pictures tracked with a checklist, embellish pictures with fun stickers and share your favorites with friends.
  23. Mom Maps – If you’re traveling in the United States, this app is useful. Find all the baby-friendly restaurants, shops and the best playgrounds before you arrive. A map helps you get where you want to go and rate it, submit reviews and pictures.
  24. Child Medical History App – The app will allow you to keep track of all the medical history of your baby, such as blood type, dates of vaccination and next appointment, allergies, test reports, etc. You can also transfer the data on your desktop to a single folder and print it as and when necessary.
  25. Baby Pack and Go – The app helps you pack the essentials of your baby on any trip, whether it’s a short trip or an extended holiday. It includes a packing and travel checklist as well as over a hundred baby-related items that you can customize according to your needs.



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