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What is 3 Day Potty Training Method


What is 3 Day Potty Training Method

Since your child is not one who can properly decide things on his own, you, as his parents should be able to tell and decide if it is the right time for them to be out of diapers. Toilet training is something that helps in developing your child’s independence and also helps them in strengthening their self-confidence. Another purpose of toilet training is to teach your kids in recognizing the feeling they will feel when they are about to use the toilet. The important thing to remember for every parent about to potty train their kids is that this is a process and may require lots of patience since the child may cause accidents. Before deciding to potty train your child, the first question is, is your child ready?

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First and foremost, your child must be familiar with using the toilet. Before starting the potty training, let your child come with you when you use the bathroom for him or her to see how it works. When your child sees what adults do, he will be more curious and excited to try the bathroom etiquette. Show them everything that has to be done inside the bathroom like how to flush after using and to wash their hands after flushing. If you see that your child is as enthusiastic as you thought he would be in using the potty, then it is a good sign that you can start the training. If your child shows signs of readiness and excitement and asks you questions like they want out from the diapers and asking you they want to go to the potty to pee or poop, then that is the only way methods of potty training will work – in this case, the 3-day potty training method.


3 day potty training method


After it has been decided that your child we be out of the diapers, next is you have to pick a schedule, a time where you can be with your child for three consecutive days. This might be hard for working moms or working parents but a long weekend holiday will work. Aside from this is a way to train your child, this is also a great chance to spend time and bond with them if you normally can’t during the weekdays. Prepare yourself and stock up lots of patience for spending your whole 72 hours with your child. Most important thing is that you have to have fun with this time together while training him on how to use the potty.


When all is set, the readiness and the schedule, next is you have to shop for new underwear for your child. Take them with you and let him choose the design he wants to get your child more excited with the potty training. When they get to choose the design they want, may it be their favourite cartoon character, or their favourite colour increases their anticipation of undergoing potty training. Aside from the undies, you may want to plan extra activities like movies, games, or anything that may keep your child entertained on the three days that you will be spending together.


baby sat on potty


To prepare your child for the big day, you have to tell them in advance. One week before the main event is a good time. Let your child know that it is time to say goodbye to his diapers. Whether you want to completely stop letting your child use diapers or make sleeping and nap time be an exception but instead of using the regular diapers will be your decision. A pull-up diaper will be a good substitute. Once the training starts, it is a must that your child should wear underwear at all times and explain to them why they have to stop using the diapers that they are used to. The trick is, you can count all the diapers left before the training and you can tell them that once it runs out, it will be the last of it and you just have to make sure that there is only one diaper left the night before the potty training starts. Share this with your spouse, and with everyone living in the house as well so that when your child asks them, they will tell him the same thing.

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At the first day of your potty training, what you have to do is change your child out of the diaper right after he or she wakes up. Let him spend the least of this day bare bottomed. When they are not wearing anything, diapers or undies chances of your child to recognizing that they have to go to the bathroom increases. You may opt in placing a little potty in the living room so that your child can access it easily however this is not that necessary. A way to make your child recognize the feeling when they are about to pee is to frequently give them water, juice or any fluids so that they have to pee most of the time. When you notice the sign that they are about to pee, take your child to the bathroom immediately and let them use the toilet with your guidance. Try asking them if they want to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes and you may then set an audible timer so that when they hear the alarm, they can know that it is time for them to the bathroom. Make sure you teach your child to wash hands every time they are done with their bathroom business so that they can get used to it.


When your child does not want to try using the potty, you can try encouraging them by bargaining small things like you will play with them with their favourite toys and such. Also, when they successfully tried the potty the first time, give them encouraging words after like saying very good or similar things.


On the second and third day, nothing changes much from the first day. In most cases, some parents opt to take it outdoors. Some choose to go to a playground and let them play without diapers on. You can bring a small portable potty for ease of access in case your child wouldn’t want to use a public restroom. Expect accidents but don’t let these anger you. Just change the underwear and calmly tell them that next time, they have to pee and poop in the potty.

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The 3-day potty training may be hard, requires a lot of patience, and can be messy at times too. However, don’t let these things get into you and just continue with the training. Do not get discouraged when things do not go along your way after the first day. Just continue with the 3-day training, and your child will eventually get used to using the potty every time he or she needs it.


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