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40 Flower Names for Your Baby


40 Flower Names for Your Baby


You don’t really have to look beyond your own garden when selecting a wonderful name for your kid. There’s nature all around you! Like our ancestors in the old days, after things we discover in nature, we name our kids. Flower names that work for baby girls range from the exotic, like Daisy, Clover, and Marigold, from Amaryllis to Zinnia to the everyday. For baby boys, there are even a few flower names, like Florian and Peregrine. What feelings do you have in these floral names? Flower baby names can fit all tastes and sensitivities, from the vintage to the modern, the unique to the familiar. Here’s a large collection of baby girls and boys flower names:

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  1. Abelia. A Hebrew girl’s name meaning “sigh, breath.”
  2. Acacia. Acacia is an appealing Greek flower name. The acacia is a mimosa family shrub with showy white or yellow blossom clusters that symbolize resurrection and immortality — making the name particularly suitable for a baby in the Easter season.
  3. Acantha. A Greek girl’s name means “thorn, prickle.”
  4. Azalea. Azalea’s name sounds exotic, yet feminine. The plant of Azalea reflects first love and romance, lovely meanings behind a name.
  5. Azami. A girl’s name of Japanese, Persian origin meaning “thistle flower; greatest”. Azami has a prickly picture and feel — strengthened as one of defiance by the picture of the thistle in Eastern mythology. A name spanning two cultures that are commonly divergent
  6. Bellrose. A girl’s name meaning “beautiful”. A felicitous combo of two sweet names.
  7. Blossom. A girl’s name of English origin meaning “to bloom” Blossom was also one of the Powerpuff Girls.
  8. Marigold. The marigold flower is considered the ‘ herb of the sun ‘ representing passion and creativity as well. It is said that infants named Marigold grow up bold and talented
  9. Aster. Apart from being a name for a flower, Aster is in fact a Greek word meaning star. The comedian Gilbert Gottfried made that name famous when he named Lily Aster as his daughter
  10. Calix. A boy’s name of Greek, Latin origin meaning “chalice”. A calyx is also a part of a flower in the form of a funnel or chalice.
  11. Chrysanthemum. A girl’s name meaning “gold flower”. One of the most rare flower names, the one of the blossom celebrated as a symbol of the sun in Japan and a possible object of meditation. One of the rare flower names included names for children in autumn
  12. Calla. A Greek girl’s name meaning “beautiful.” It is a name that is more distinctive and delicate than Lily.
  13. Clover. A girl’s name of English origin. A leaf known to bring good luck, Clover is a name that can be used for baby girls as well as boys. It is good to have an association with this name because it is for good luck.
  14. Daisy. An English name for a girl. Daisy, fresh, healthy and energetic, is one of the names of the flower that burst back into bloom after the hibernation of a century.
  15. Fiorello. An Italian boy’s name means “little flower”. Fiorello is one of the few floral names that suits a boy well. New York City’s colorful three-term World War II Mayor La Guardia made this one famous — indeed he was called “the Little Flower.” The Spanish version is Florencio.
  16. Fleur. A French girl’s name means “flower.” Fleur is a generic, delicate flower name that immigrated into the English-speaking world when it was given by John Galsworthy in his celebrated saga to one of the Forsytes.
  17. Florent. French boy’s name means “flowering.” Traditionally, both sexes used the English name Florence.
  18. Florin. A boy’s name of French, Romanian origin meaning “flower; flourishing”. Florin is one of the legion of root word for flower names, most of which are used for girls like Flora and Florence. But the Florin boys ‘ form is one of the popular French boy names, along with the girls ‘ sister name Fleur.
  19. Flora. A Scottish, Latin name for girls meaning “flower”. Flora, the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring who loved eternal youth, is one of the floral names of women who are softly old-fashioned. Also a saint’s name, Flora was a favorite in Scotland for a long time, where it was the name of the young heroine that helped Bonnie Prince Charlie make his way to France.
  20. Gardener. A Latin girl’s name that means “keeper of the garden”. One of the hot new occupational names ‘ most pleasant and evocative
  21. Hyacinth. A Greek girl’s name. Even though it may not be as sweet and gentle as, say, Violet, the purple-hued Hyacinth may still appeal to the parent seeking a truly exotic name for the flower. In Greek mythology, Hyacinthus was an accidental Spartan youth killed by Apollo, from whose blood a beautiful, fragrant flower sprang, and is also the name of several saints.
  22. Jasmine. A girl’s name of Persian origin. After Disney’s Aladdin release in 1992, Jasmine, a delicate and aromatic flower name, burst into popularity, featuring Princess Jasmine — highly unusual then for an animated character. During the flowering of floral-name fashion, Jasmine was first used as a flower name in the West around 1900, but can be traced back to ancient Persia, where scented oil was produced from the plant.
  23. Kama. An Arabic, Hindi name for boys that means “lotus; perfect, perfection”. Kamal holds two beneficial associations: one of Allah’s ninety-nine attributes and the evocative lotus flower mentioned in the Koran.
  24. Rhodes. A Greek name for boys that means “where roses grow”. A Greek island and a prestigious scholarship create a first name for the upper-crusty.
  25. Soma. The name of a boy which means “Dogwood tree” Soma makes an exotic nature name decision. It’s rare for a boy to use a beautiful flowering tree, so make sure you consider this choice if you’re looking for something floral for a boy.
  26. Tulip. A Turkish girl name. One of the most unusual names of the flower, Tulip is sweet but hard to pull off as a first. It has some credits of celebrities through Charlie Tamara Tulip, Rebecca Romijn’s twin sister and Jerry O’Connell.
  27. Violet. A Latin girl’s name means “purple”. Violet is sweet and soft, but far from being shrinking. The Victorian Violet, one of the most beautiful names in color and flowers
  28. Rose. Rose is a common name for baby girls born in the 1990s, timeless, classic, and popular. The name is connected with the rose flower as anticipated, representing enthusiasm, friendship, happiness and love.
  29. Magnolia. The flowers of Magnolia are soft, pink, and used to represent dignity and nobility. Even though Magnolia is not such a common baby name, giving your daughter is certainly a unique floral name.
  30. Lupin. A boy’s name. Lupin is an uncommon name of the flower with origins from the Latin lupinus in Old French, meaning “wolf-related.” It’s Remus Lupin’s surname, a famous person in the Harry Potter franchise, and a waswolf in the literary universe.
  31. Rosen. A boy’s name meaning “rose; burning bush”. This masculine floral name literally implies “burning bush,” and is the dittany plant’s Bulgarian term. The name derives from the plant’s highly volatile oils that can actually catch fire in hot weather.
  32. Lavender. The lavender plant, known for its striking purple color and distinctive aroma, is refined, graceful, and elegant. Like its floral counterpart, it’s known that the name Lavender makes a lady seem to be dashing.
  33. Iris. Iris is not just the part of the eye that helps us to see. Also, Iris is a beautiful lavender plant representing hope, faith, courage, wisdom and admiration. Besides that, in Greek mythology, Iris is also the name of the rainbow goddess.
  34. Zinnia. It is a fairly edgy flower name for a girl, but one of the brightest flowers growing in gardens is the Zinnia flower itself. Because of their long blooming, zinnias are a sign of endurance, representing a strong and beautiful woman.
  35. Peregrine. A Latin boy name that means “traveller, pilgrim”. In England, Peregrine is considered an elegantly aristocratic name, but never made it to the U.S., where it was considered extravagantly excentric. However, it is not beyond consideration in the new naming climate — in fact it has already been chosen by at least one Berry.
  36. Petunia. It is a bell-shaped flower that symbolizes a desire for peace and comfort to spend time with someone. You can offer this floral name to your baby girl for a distinctive twist to generic names of the flower.
  37. Orchid. It’s one of the most delicate, gracious, and exotic flowers. By the way, it’s also one of garden enthusiasts ‘ most coveted. After this beautiful plant, naming your daughter gives her the name that means love, luxury, beauty and manhood.
  38. Lily. It’s one of the most common child names in the flower. The lily flowers themselves represent humility, dedication, innocence, purity, and beauty — all the nice characteristics a baby girl can have.
  39. Indigo. A Greek name for boys that means “Indian dye”. It is one of the most attractive and evocative color names of the fresh generation. Color names have joined the names of flowers and jewels — to a large extent — and Indigo, a deep blue-purple dye from Indian plants
  40.  Thisle. A name for boys. The thistle is Scotland’s botanical emblem and would make good choices for people with Scottish heritage if unusual patriotic choices

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The names of the flower are widespread among parents who choose names for their new bundle of joy while the possibilities are nearly endless; these floral baby names are some of the best monikers you can give your child — full of grace, meaning, and beautiful symbolism.


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