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Am I Ready for A Baby? 20 Signs to Answer the Question


Am I Ready for A Baby? 20 Signs to Answer the Question

Having a baby is one of the dreams if not all, of most women — having a little one from their own womb of their own flesh and blood. However, a baby is not an easy responsibility and women often question themselves, “Am I ready to have one?” Here are 20 signs that might help you decide whether you are ready to have a baby.


Age. Let’s face it. Plenty of teenage pregnancies that happen are usually unwanted and unexpected. According to statistics, the ideal age to have a baby is around 25-35.

You have set priorities. It is always hard for people to set their priorities right or line their priorities accordingly. Paying your bills right, stability of income as well as stability of your shelter, etc. are just few of the responsibilities of an adult and mature woman. If you have all of these lined up, then it is more likely for you to be responsible of a baby too.

Baby topics do not scare you. One indication that one is not ready to have a baby is that they cannot fathom the idea of babies whether it is just a simple question of “Do you want to have a baby?”, or “Would you consider having a baby?” When you are ready to have your little one, these talks excite you rather that send you off.

Parties on a Friday night. “Thank God it’s Friday!” This is commonly heard for the young spirits who love to go out at nights to party especially Friday nights. But, when you are ready to let these nights go and stay at home to maybe watch TV, then most likely it is an indication that you are ready to have extra responsibility waiting for you at home which are kids.

Tantrums. Baby tantrums are common for those who have babies and for those people around them. Your friends’ kids, or your nephews and nieces, younger cousins, or a random baby in the subway could have a tantrum any time of the day. If you encounter these baby tantrums and it does not scare you, then you are one step ahead of being ready to have your own baby.

Both you and your partner are ready. Nothing is more important than mutual readiness between you and your significant other with regards to having a baby.

Baby thoughts. You keep on thinking about babies or when you have your own kids. You start to visualize your life with your little ones running around your house and you seem to like it.

Pregnancy and parenting stuffs. You start on reading more about pregnancy facts as well as parenting ideas. You are yearning to learn these things and think about how you should apply these onto yourself when you are in the scenario. This is a good sign that you are accepting the possibility of you being pregnant and that you are ready to have kids.

Income. A stable income. Your finances are more managed than ever. Your job matters since you have bills to pay. When you are at this level of taking responsibility, then it could be a sign you are ready to raise and feed your own kids.

Baby Movies. One point at any woman’s life is how baby shows become appealing to them. For instance, the series A Baby Story will become more entertaining than any other shows.

Life outlook changes. When you are ready to have bigger responsibilities in life, your outlooks will change. After living the life the way you want it, a moment will come where you want to start living for others. Other people’s lives, especially the significant ones start to matter as if they were your own life. In this point of one’s life, they start to emotionally prepare themselves of having a baby.

New and bigger challenges. Having a baby and raising them is a big challenge for everyone. It is a continuous hurdle that every parents encounter. When you see yourself handling these challenges, it could be a big sign that you are ready to have your own kid.

Kids around. Were you agitated with so many kids around you? Not when you are ready to have your own. Your attitude towards kids has now changed and you look at them positively.

Your pets are your kids. It is common for pet owners to treat their pets as if it is their babies. You feed them, clean them up, and look after them. But when you unconsciously go around calling your pets as your kids, then it is a great sign that you are ready to the responsibility of having real kids.

Family traditions. Family traditions or family cultures are passed down generation to generation. It is taught to you as you grow older during special occasions. When you are ready and preparing to pass these traditions down to your kids, that is also one indication you are ready to have your own kid.

You are open to sharing. When one is mentally prepared to share the food they are eating, most say that they are ready to become parents. This is because sharing could actually lead to you being selfless. The responsibilities of taking care of a child are easier for you when you have this in mind.

Breastfeeding does not make you uncomfortable. There is a phase in everyone’s life where seeing a mother breastfeeding in public somewhat made us uncomfortable. However, when the mother in you kicks in, this thought or scene will not make you uneasy. Also, you start to understand the struggle of breastfeeding mothers had to go through.

Baby fluids. This mess would not be as disgusting as they were when you witness them. If you have accepted the unchanged truth that babies will spill almost everything everywhere, sometimes onto you, then you are already a mom at heart.

Leftovers. When you become mindless of eating others leftovers, and you don’t care as long as you have a taste of it. This is the usual scene you eat your babies leftovers.

You are ready. Most importantly, when you are emotionally, mentally, physically, and of course financially ready, then you are all set to have and take care of your own kid.


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