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When To Apply For Primary School Admissions


When To Apply For Primary School Admissions

We have the ultimate guide on how to apply to the perfect primary school for your child to take the hard work out of looking yourself as we know that being a busy mum you need quick easy guides to follow so we have made you this one.

So the day has come and its time for your little one to go to primary school but there is one problem you want to be sure you pick the best schools inside your catchment area for your child. We have put this together to answer all your questions on applying for primary schools and the process behind it.

Here at the mum helper, we know how hard it can be to find information out on the best primary schools in your area and also the unanswered questions such as which is the best schools in my area? when do I need to apply? how do I school performance?

primary school admission


At What Age Does My Child Start Primary School

The age your little one will start primary school is normally 4 years old after the month of September which also means they could be starting when they are close to being 5 years old as well if they are born around the month of September/October.

As the law states your child does not actually have to be in school until after they turn 5 years old well the term after to be more precise which means you can delay your child’s start by a year if for any reason you wanted too.


Can I Take My Child To A Tour Around The School

Yes, most primary schools allow you to go around and tour the school to get a feel of what its like and the staff before you choose to place your child there.

Now you will be looking around schools a year before the admission normally so let’s say your child will be 4 years old next year you will want to be looking the September before for a placement as this is when most schools run the open days in the autumn time.


How Do I FInd Primary Schools Around My Area And Check Their Performance

To find the primary schools situated around your area and in your catchment area you will want to use the official Gov site which is here Primary School Search and this will allow you to enter your postcode and search local schools around the area.

But don’t stop at just searching for schools you will want to check out the schools ofsted report which is an inspection carried out by office for standards in education which they carry out once every 3 years which they inspect and scrutinize with a very fine tooth comb the way the school is run and how it is performing to promote improvement and to hold schools accountable for poor performance and more.

You can see all schools ofsted reports HERE

school placements


How Do I Apply For A Primary School Admission

The best way to apply for a place in a school for your kid is to use the primary school search link we provided above which asks for your postcode and then redirects you to the right council website so you can apply for a placement.

You will then be put on a waiting list and then around the middle of April around the 15th the following year the schools have a national offer day where they send out letters and emails to say whether your kid has been accepted to his/her preferred school and if not they will tell you the exact reason why and have other offerings for schools which you can place them in,

If your child does not get in the school of your choice you can appeal the decision by using the slip that’s attached to the letter or via an online portal if that council has it for the area but you only have 2 weeks to start appealing the decision. You will also have 2 weeks after national offer day to accept or reject any offers you have from the borough council.

Now when you made the choices of potential primary schools, lets say you had 3 or 4 schools in ranking order lets say your child does not get in the top-ranked school you had but gets an offer in the 2nd place or third you can also join the waiting list again on the top-ranked school and you can see the waiting list by going on your councils website.


How is my Childs Place Determined On The Waiting List

The way schools work a waiting list is by the distance your child lives away from the school so when someone drops out above them of the list your child will move up a place but if a new family moves in closer to the target school your child may be dropped down by one place.


How Exactly Do The Primary School Admissions Work

Every school will have slightly different admission criteria such as distance to school within its catchment area, If a brother or sister already attends the school and other very small factors such as pupil premium and religion.

We hoped to have answered most of the questions and made it easy to understand now on primary school admission if you have any more be sure to leave them in the comments section and good luck with your child’s placement.

Just for some fun check the image below to see a map of all primary schools in the UK.

how many primary schools are there in the UK


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