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60 Baby Boy and Girl Names Meaning Miracle


60 Baby Boy and Girl Names Meaning Miracle

Deciding on your baby’s name is a matter of many factors. Factors like, who do you, name your baby after, or what meaning do those names hold? These are just example of factors to ponder on when deciding on the name of your baby.


A common way of deciding on what to name your baby is basing on the meaning of behind the name. Commonly, there are a lot of names that means miracle and here are some of those names.


  1. Karamat – this is a name used for baby boys which literally mean “miracle”.
  2. Nathaniel – Another name of a baby boy on the way. This is used especially for a child you can consider a miracle since you aren’t expecting him.
  3. Nissim – A name from the Hebrews that also means “miracles”.
  4. Rafael – A good name for baby boys which means healing. In the bible, Rafael is the angel of healing.
  5. Rafaela – The girl variation of Rafael.
  6. Shaun – A name that means favoured by God.
  7. Tobias – A biblical character of which this name means “God is good”.
  8. Milagro – A Spanish word which means “miracle” or “wonder” and that can be used as a name.
  9. Milagros – The feminine variation of Milagro.
  10. Laureto – Originated from Italy, Laureto is a name that is derived from the Italian town Lauretum. This name means “miraculous”. This is also a good name for any gender.
  11. Eijaz – Another name that literally means “miracle”. Eijaz is a popular Arabic name.
  12. Aaron – A common biblical name that means “miraculous”. In the bible, Aaron was Moses’ older brother, who was the keeper by God’s command.
  13. Thaddeus – A name that literally means “a blessing from God”. The name has made its appearance too in the popular kiddie show SpongeBob SquarePants.
  14. Mikelle – A unique spelling of the common name Michael, this Latin name also means “gift from God”.
  15. Asher – A modern day name which is actually a biblical name. Asher, whose name meant “blessing”, was one of the 12 sons of Jacob.
  16. Barack – The former president of the United States was a holder of such name, which is Swahili in origin. The name has an Arabic root which means “blessing”.
  17. Amari – A feminine name that means “miracle of God”.
  18. Mireya – A unique Spanish name for your baby girl which means “miracle”.
  19. Nasya – This Hebrew in origin name could be perfect for your little princess. Nasya means “miracle”, and has several variants such as Nassa.
  20. Sachi – A Japanese name which is often short for Sachiko. This name means “miracle”.
  21. Jesse – Common nicknames for those who holds the name of Jessica, the name Jesse actually means “blessing”.
  22. Gwyneth – This is a Welsh name which means “blessed”.
  23. Beatrix – Beatrix is a Latin name that came from the word “beatus” which means “happy” or “blessed”.
  24. Marvel – Aside from being the famous comic book, Marvel is a French name which means “miracle”.
  25. Ayah – This pleasant name is an Arabic name that means “miracle”.
  26. Behati – You know the wife of the famous Maroon 5 vocalist, Adam Levine? Her name is Behati, which is the African version of Beatrix which means “blessing” or “she who brings happiness”.
  27. Dorothea – A Victorian sounding name with a long literary tradition. Popular in the early years of the 20th century, the name is associated to a beautiful and clever character in “Don Quixote”.
  28. Mavisha – This name is a variation of Mehvash.
  29. Mira – Short for Miracle, the name is quite well used in the Arab nations. In India, Mira is a traditional name.
  30. Miracle – Obviously, miracle can be named to your little ones too.
  31. Mirai – A Basque baby name which means “miracle”.
  32. Mirielle – a French name which means “miraculous”. The name is actually pronounced as “meer-ay.
  33. Mehr – An Arabic name that became popular in India that means “blessing”.
  34. Pelia – A popular Hebrew name which has a meaning of “miracle of God”.
  35. Winifred – A Welsh name meaning “blessed peacemaking”.
  36. Adom – This is a name which means “blessing of God”. The name originated in Africa.
  37. Benedict – A Latin name which actually means “blessed “. The name is good for parents who like the names Benjamin and Ben, but find these names too common.
  38. Boone – A French name that means “blessing”. The name is linked to the famous American frontiersman, Daniel Boone.
  39. Harika – An exotic Turkish name good for your son if you want them to have a unique and fascinating name. The name also means “miracle”.
  40. Inaam – An Arabic name that can be used by both girls and boys which means “blessing from God.”
  41. Mirakel – A Norwegian variation of the name Miracle and can be used to honour anyone on the family that belongs to the Danish descent.
  42. Zelig – A Yiddish name which means “blessed”.
  43. Berwin – A Welsh name that has the meaning of “blessing”.
  44. Indivar – In Sanskrit, Indivar is a name that means “blessing”.
  45. Baruch – A Hebrew name that means “blessed”.
  46. Doron – A name best for your sons which means “gift”.
  47. Zane – A name that means “God is gracious”.
  48. Chaniel – A name derived from the Bible which means “Grace of God”.
  49. Chanan – A biblical name which means “He was gracious”.
  50. Caleb – A biblical character known for being a renowned leader. The name means “wholehearted”.
  51. Gad – One of the sons of Jacob in the bible, the name means “good luck”.
  52. Amos – A Hebrew name with a strong impact which is meant “carried by God”.
  53. Timothy – A name that is meant “God’s honour”. The name is also biblical.
  54. Uriel – A biblical name that means “Angel of light”.
  55. Phoenix – A bird known from the myths that is reborn from its own ashes. Phoenix is a symbol of immprtality.
  56. Oswald – A name which means “God’s friend”.
  57. Seth – The son of Adam in the bible. The name also has a meaning of “appointed”.
  58. Orson – A name which means “strong and powerful”.
  59. Mica – A name that resembles that of God.
  60. Kirk – An Old Norse word which means “church”. The name resembles to someone who is Godly.


Those are just some of the names that mean miracle, as well as its synonyms.  Some names are already common, but some are way unique and of course, will definitely sound good as your little one’s name.

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