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5 Ways To Read Your Crying Babies Face


5 Ways To Read Your Crying Babies Face

Crying babies often scare not just their parents but as well as the people who are with them when they started bawling their eyes out. Oftentimes, parents think its hunger but there is uneasiness felt that maybe your little one is experiencing some sort f discomfort, pain, or fatigue. These things could be hard to identify from a cry so here are few tips on how you should understand the cry of your baby.


When your baby cries in an unusual manner and unusual time, have yourself ask the following questions which might be the cause of his or her tantrums. First is to ask yourself if you have fed them either formula milk or breast milk whichever your baby is currently feeding on at the moment. If you have and then the crying does not stop, try to recall if you are always close to him or her. When you hold him often and the unusual crying does not occur, this means that your child just misses you and he or she feels lonely without you connecting to him. Babies, especially newborns find it quite hard to be separated from their mothers since their moms have carried them for nine months. They will be looking for that warmth only their mothers could give. So, try checking if they just miss you or not.


When these two still do not solve the problem of your baby’s unusual cry, then he may be suffering from another dilemma of his own. Babies could be uncomfortable or irritable which results to them crying. One common discomfort babies feel is a stiff neck. One can easily determine this one just by observing your baby’s movement. Often, babies move freely but with a stiff neck, they can’t and won’t be able to move their necks. Lots of babies suffer from this since this is related to how they rotate and move during delivery. In order to make sure that your baby is being cared of, a visit to an expert such as an osteopath or a chiropractor is recommended.


Another thing which that causes a baby’s cry is when he or she is regurgitating. A regurgitating baby is susceptible to irritableness. In addition to that, if mothers smoke during pregnancy, the baby could be subject to addiction to nicotine and when they are born, they could be looking for the nicotine they used to have and may experience withdrawal from it. And it is never easy for your little ones. So before enjoying a smoke, think of the baby inside you.


Last thing you could assess by yourself is if your baby is undergoing the growth spurt. This growth spurts usually happen around the third day, third week, and third month of life which commonly lasts for 24 to 48 hours. When this occurs, babies tend to be demanding that they cry a lot so that their moms would give them their milk. In rare cases, they don’t want the food but they just want to be held most of the time and this could be demanding for moms especially the busy ones.


When none of these things are visible to your baby, then he or she could be having the colic. Colic pain is nothing to worry much about since it is not a disease but just temporary discomfort that often happens with babies. In some cases, baby colic appears on their second week in the world and disappears on your baby’s sixth month. Some common baby colic symptoms are crying, screaming loudly and nothing and no one could calm him, his or her face becomes red and contorted, his or her arms are folded towards his stomach, his or her tummy is unusually hard, and lastly, your baby’s worrisome cries reoccurs every day around the same time. Reports say that there is unknown cause of baby colic and apparently, there is no cure either.


Since baby colic has an unidentified cause and cure, parents, particularly mothers are finding it hard to comfort their little ones undergoing this dilemma. For mothers, never hesitate to ask for more information about colic, ask for help if needed, and even seek for professional help. Avoid losing your temper on your babies and avoid losing the cool. They need you to be calm and understanding since they too do not understand how to express their pain other than crying hysterically.  Always bear in mind that these are just temporary situations and that your little one too does not want to trouble you for it.  To make sure that these are just normal cries, and that what they are experiencing is one of those things stated above, better have your little ones be checked by a doctor. Their answers should also help you how to handle and understand these episodes of your little one.


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