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250 Flower Names For Babies


250 Flower Names For Babies

With all the pretty names any parent could name their babies, flower names are one of the best gifts that adds a sweet touch to the identity of your little one. Here are some of the flower names you can use on your child.

Lily. This is an English name of a flower that represents purity and innocence just like how your little one has come out to the world. This is one of the most common flower names for a baby in places like England and Wales.

Aster. Aside from being a flower name, Aster is actually a Greek word which means star. This name was made famous by the comedian Gilbert Gottfried when he gave Lily Aster as his daughter name.

Amaranth. This is actually an herb with flowers in a color of bright fuchsia. Amaranth also has tasty seeds that are commonly used to flavour many Eastern dishes.

Acacia. This name is most common for Greek babies as it is a Greek name. Acacia is a shrub that has a yellow but sometimes white flower and is named after a Greek botanist. This flower is known for symbolizing immortality and resurrection.

Rose. A very familiar name, Rose which was also used in the movie Titanic is originally a Latin name. The name has tons of variations in it and could be used as nickname for the names Rosetta or Rosalie.

Marguerite. Sounds classy and chic. This name is the French variation of the flower daisy which is known to be a symbol for cheerfulness.

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Azalea. Originated from the English people which meant a flower. However, Azalea is an actual flower with color of vibrant pinks who best symbolizes a bold character.

Jasmine. Jasmine is a Persian name which resembles delicacy and fragrance. The most famous carrier of this name is Princess Jasmine of the Disney movie, Aladdin.

Amaryllis. This name was first used in the Greek literature, a poem to be exact of which its subject is for pastoral beauties.

Ayana. This name is a unique one which means a beautiful flower. It sounds creative and original too.

Alyssa. This is a name that was derived from an alyssum flower which basically means rational.

Cassia. The name is of Greek origin which actually means cinnamon. The cassia flower also gives the fragrance of a cinnamon. It is sweet and spicy.

Anemone. This is too is a Greek name which was inspired from the love story of the Goddess Aphrodite and God Adonis in which the Goddess has transformed her lover’s blood into a flower which is now known to be the crimson anemone, a windflower since it blossoms by the wind.

Begonia. The physical appearance of this flower looks similar to that of roses. It smells sweet and naming your sweet little one this name is just somewhat perfect.

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Blossom. Most remember Blossom as the name of the green-coloured Powerpuff Girls. The name basically means to bloom.

Calantha. This is a Greek name which means lovely flower.

Erica. The name means heather according to the Latin language. Aside from that, this is a name too of the Scandinavian origin which is a genus of more than 800 various plants in the family Ericaceae.

Zinnia. Comes from a Latin origin and the zinnia flower which symbolizes remembrance.

Violet.  Popularized by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s eldest daughter. Latin origin name means purple

Chloris. According to the myth, Chloris is the Goddess of flowers and using this as a name for your daughter would be one of a kind.

Iris. A Greek goddess of the rainbow that rode the rainbow as a bridge from heaven to earth. She was called a symbol of power and majesty.

Marigold.  In aristocratic families, this English name was very popular and the cheerful orange-yellow flower is often seen as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. If you’re trying to commemorate a parent or grandparent who’s called Mary or Maria, it’s a great name, but you want something slightly different.

Poppy. This Latin name means “flower,” and thanks to the poem “In Flanders Fields,” the plant itself symbolizes remembrance. But poppy can also be a symbol of beauty, success, and vibrant imagination. Also, because the poppy’s sap has a sedative effect, the Ancient Greeks felt the flower represented sleep.

Bryony/ Briony. Bryony means “to sprout” like the wild sprouting of white briony vines.  They are slightly destructive just like a toddler in a recently cleaned house. This Latin name is pronounced as Brian with an “ee” at the end.

Primrose.  This English name means “firs rose” which represent young love in the language of flowers. It comes in different colors including red, yellow, blue, blue-purple, white and cream. A famous Primrose is the younger sister of Katniss from The Hunger Games trilogy

Daisy.  A fresh daisy look like the sun, and it means “day’s eye” in Old English, so don’t be surprised if your little daisy grows up to shine.

Dahlia.  The Scandinavian name comes from the word “valley”. Dahlia man elegance and dignity in the Victorian language of flowers, but are also a node to eternal bond commitment.

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Carnation. This flower name gives of a cheerful vibe to your daughter’s name and it is just perfect.

Heather. Heather is a flower purple in color. In Scotland, this plant is known to bring life to the rocky grounds of barren lands.

Azami. The name originated in Japan but Persian uses this name too. It basically means thistle flower. The flower has a prickly image and feels due to the thistle’s image in Eastern myth.

Begonia. Suited for a girl, this name is often added to lists of a pretty and unique name for baby girls.

Chrysanthemum. A very unique name which is not so famous because of how it sounds. If you want a rare name for your daughter, Chrysanthemum is perfect.

Clover. A leaf, known for bringing good luck, Clover is a name that can be used for both baby girls and boys. Because it is for good luck, it is good to have an association with this name.

Crisantha. The name literally means golden flower and it is just a shorter term for the name Chrysanthemum.

Daffodil. Daffodil was used to name the musician Michael Hurley’s daughter. It is a good name for babies born in spring.

Holly. Sounds somewhat religious, Holly is a bush that has punchy red berries which makes them easy to recognize and is very famous during festive seasons especially Christmas.

Ivy. The Ivy flower is known to be used as a wreath especially in Greek cultures. Also, the newlyweds of Ancient Greece use ivy wreaths to symbolize the faithfulness in their marriage.

Sage. The name has a Latin origin which means wise and is a very good name for your baby in bestowing wisdom to your baby.

Danica. Danica is a name which means morning star. It is a unique and a delicate Slavic moniker which is the pattern of  Royal Copenhagen “Flowers of Denmark”

Fern. A botanical name that in terms of performance was the most static. On higher levels, it has never fluctuated.

Fiorella.  An Italian name that means “flower”. That is used to pay tribute to grandmother or Aunt Flora or Florence. You can snip it down to Ella for your nickname

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Fluer. Fleur is the freshest in the name bouquet of all the flower names. This floral French sounds to the ears incredibly chic and elegant.

Flora. The Roman goddess of spring and flower. It is an eternal baby name expert favourite.

Forsythia. Named for the beautiful yellow bush, it is not popular as Violet or Rose, but it’s one of the most unique names.

Gardenia. It’s name after Dr. Alexander Garden, a botanist. It sounds much stronger and more exotic than other names like Lily and Rose.

Hazel.  Most commonly referred to as a tree or a nut, but there is also a flowering plant with long yellow strands called a witch hazel

Hyacinth. Maybe not as gentle and feminine as Rose and Violet, but will appeal to parents who want their daughters to have an exotic floral name.

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Iolanthe.  It means “violet flower”. Gilbert and Sullivan operetta of the same name are best known for this unusual and interesting name.

Jacinta.  This name’s proper pronunciation is ha-Seen-ta. You can pick this sweeter Spanish version Jacintha if you think Hyacinth sounds a little too harsh.

Jessamine.  Once limited to England, this Spanish variation of Jasmine is now starting to be appreciated in the US as well.

Jolanda.  An Italian name that is sweet and feminine which means “violet”. A name that is practically unheard of in the US.

Juniper. A name that is from an evergreen shrub that produces juicy bright blue berries. You pick any from Juno, Junie, June or Junebug for its nickname.

Kalina. A Polish name that means flower. Variation s like Kalene, Kalena or Kaline can also be considered.

Lavender. A shade of purple, Lavender is a name that has been getting attention from parents already.

Leilani.  A name that originated in Hawaii, Leilani is a name with an exotic feel to it. The name means child of heavenly flower.

Cedar.  It is a tree that is thought to be the home to important gods and can even connect you to different realms. People in ancient times used to burn cedar for purification. This French name is unisex.

Basil.  Small flowers can sprout from this fragrant herb. A Greek name that means “regal”.

Ren. It means “water lily” in Irish and “lotus” in Japanese. In ancient Egyptian culture, the scared lotus flower symbolizes rebirth and Buddhist see it as a sign of spiritual awakening.

Jared.  In Hebrew it means “rose”. A name that is fit for your sweet little baby.

Indigo. This name comes from the indigo plant’s deep blue-coloring. It is good for either a girl or a boy.

Sorrel.  An old French and German name meaning “reddish-brown hair”. If your son comes out with copper-coloured hair, this is a fit name for him. Also, a blooming sorrel is a hibiscus that can be used to make teas and other beverages.

William.  A flower that comes in white, pink, violet and red that grows in lovely clusters.

Kunal. In Sanskrit, Kunal means “lotus” or “someone who sees beauty in everything.” However, this is no surprise, as the beautiful lotus flower stands out in the murkiest ponds.

Lilac.  A light purple flower with a lovely fragrance. Yes, maybe it’s not as famous as Lily or Violet, but the rankings are steadily increasing.

Lillian. It means pure. Lily’s variant symbolizes purity, innocence and beauty, exactly what Mother Mary was.

Linnea.  A Scandinavian name that means “twin flower” that is popular in Norway and Sweden.

Lotus. In many cultures, the exotic and mystical flower has a special meaning. It means the Buddhism’s enlightenment and divine purity and represents the Egyptian’s rebirth.

Myrtle. It is a beautiful, popular and ubiquitous name from a plant with white or pink fragrant berries.

Narcissa. A name inspired from a daffodil has a beautiful ring in it. But unfortunately, due to its association with narcissism, it wasn’t able to make it top list of popular names.

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Orchid. The flower that symbolizes beauty, love and sophistication.

Peony. It means “healing”. It’s one of the rarest floral names. Meaning honor and wealth.

Petal. This soft, delicate, floral name belonged to a character in the movie and book “The Shipping News.” The moniker sounds exotic, but distinctive down to earth.

Petunia. The name of the flower in trumpet shape. Its gentle, lilting sound secures for years to come its well-loved status.

Phlox. The name of the small violet flower. Without being too frilly, this moniker is easy to spell and sounds feminine.

Posey. As the fresh flowers in the spring season, daughters bring joy to their parents. So what about naming your child Posey, meaning “a bunch of flowers?”

Rosemary. The Latin elements “ros”, meaning ‘ dew, ‘ and “marinus”, meaning ‘ from the sea, ‘ are as beautiful as the violet flowers of this plant.

Senna. From the senna plant that bears bright blue flowers year after year. This beautiful Arabic name means “brightness.”

Susan. It looks like a daisy flower, but is actually a sunflower species. Susan means ‘ graceful lily ‘ coming from the Hebrew language.

Verbena. A sweet smelling plant inspires the beautiful name Verbena. It is a very rare name that it’s unlikely you’ll encounter two girls in the same class or school.

Willow. It means “peaceful or resolute”. The willow tree’s flowers are known for their strength, grace, and flexibility.

Alder. The name of the birch family flowering plant has an old school feel. It means “from the tree of the alder.”

Anthony. Anthony’s versatile and always trendy name sounds like ‘ Anthos, ‘ a Greek word for Rose.

Antonio. The name Antonia was associated with the Greek name ‘ Anthos ‘ in the 17th century, which means flower. So go to Antonio if you want your boy to have a flower name.

Arnit. Arnit, meaning ‘ beautiful flower, ‘ has suddenly caught up with the parents after laying behind Arpit and Amrit for ages.

Bud. An Irish name that stands for the male flower name which means “blossom”. You can use it as a nickname or middle name if you are hesitant to use it for a first name.

Clem. Refers to clematis, a beautiful flowers climbing vine. It sounds humble, laid back and has distinctive down to earth charm.

Corey. Corey would be a fresh, snappy, short form of Coreopsis, the cheerful, long-lasting flower. You can spell it as Cory in order to make it more unconventional. Corey means ‘ from the hollow ‘ – it sounds like one of the cool names of the flower

Cypress. The cypress flower looks perfectly adorable, resembling the five-pointed stars. It’s also the name of a city in California’s Orange County.

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Elm. Commonly, elm is a tree that has white flowers. The name gives a straight, strong, and robust sound and feels similar to the flower of the elm tree.

Fiorello.  A flower name that is commonly used on boys, Fiorello is a name that was made famous during the World War II. The name means little flower.

Florent. The name came from France and means flowering. The name is common in the European region.

Florian. The name is of Latin origin which means flourishing or flowering.

Indigo. Aside from being part of the seven colors of the rainbow, Indigo is a plant that makes a purplish-blue dye. It is one of the appealing names of this generation.

Jared. A very manly name, Jared is a flower name that is inspired from rose since the name means rose in Hebrew.

Ketak. Ketak is an Indian name which is often used on Indian boys. The name was once considered pompous and grand.

Kunal. Literally, the name Kunal means lotus in accordance to Sanskrit. The name is quite popular in India.

Moss. Oftentimes, Moss is used as a surname rather than a first name. The name has a soft, plush, and evocative feels to it.

Narcissus. Known as the man who is so much in love with his self, Narcissus is also a name for a daffodil flower.

Oleander. This name came from a shrub which bears beautiful flowers. Oleander is a very good substitute to the common name Oliver. The name also gives a playful, charming, and sophisticated appeal.

Quill. Quill is a hardy, spring flower. The name is a shorter version of the name Jonquil.

Ren. Ren is a Japanese name which meant the flower lotus. The name is used as a symbol for perfection, purity, and idealism which every parent would want in their children.

Saffron. It is a misconception that the Saffron has a yellow color but the flower is purple in color. The Saffron name is actually used for both boys and girls but the name suits boys more.

Sorrel. This red flower is found in Caribbean and it gives a unique feel to it.

Trevor. The name is inspired from the Persian word Shatrevar which means flower. Although Persian, the name is actually generated in Britain until it has used widel in different parts of the world.

Watson. This name is an inspiration from the flower Watsonia which means powerful warrior.

William. Although common, William is actually a name of a flower.

Yarrow. Sounds very unique, the name came from a strong and a scented herb that has bright yellow flowers called Yarrow.

Belladonna. In contrast to the beautiful sound of the name Belladonna, the name is inspired from a poisonous flower which is commonly known s the nightshade. The name is flowery however, it could also have an exotic feels to it.

Bellerose. Bellerose is a name formed by combining two names, Belle and Rose which literally means a beautiful rose.

Betony. This English name is actually an upgrade to the more common name Bethany which is a member of the families of flowering herb with a minty smell. The name Betony could also mean surprise, which is a great name for babies who come unexpectedly.

Blanchefleur. The name is of French origin which means white flower. This name is widely used in medieval Europe.

Bluebell.  Bluebell is a flower name that gives an adventurous and charming appeal to it. The name is also used more despite its being unique and distinct.

Briallen. The name Briallen is a Welsh name which actually means a primrose. If you want an unusual name for your little one, this name is perfect for her.

Briar. Briar is a name often used for baby boys which actually means a thorny patch. The name can also be used for baby girls.

Buttercup. A flower name originated from the English people.

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Calanthe. A girl’s name which means “Christmas orchid”.

Calyx. A Greek, Latin name which means “chalice”. A calyx is also part of a flower in the shape of a funnel or chalice.

Calla. A girl Greek name which means “beautiful”. It’s a more distinctive and delicate lily name than Lily.

Callaia. Has an exotic flower name’s aura, more unusual than Calla.

Calytrix. A Latin girl name that means “star flower”. Because of their dainty (usually bright white) 5 petalled flowers The Calytrix flowers are endemic to many of Australia and belong to the myrtle family.

Camellia. It is an exotic flower name with distinct Camille / Camila roots and has a variety of associations with moon, water, wealth and perfection. Camellia denotes admiration and perfection in the language of flowers, and it is Alabama’s state flower.

Canna. An Italian name. It is a tropical plant with large leaves and spectacular flowers ; there was a Welsh Saint Canna from the 6th century and it is also the name of a Scottish island.

Carmel. It’s a Hebrew girl’s name meaning “garden.”. Carmel is a biblical place-name heard much more often in Ireland than in the U.S. and is considered a Catholic name in particular.

Celandine. A name in the poppy family that belongs to a small yellow flower. The word comes from chelidon, the ancient Greek for “swallow (bird).”

Chirsoula. A Greek name that means “golden”.

Clemantis. A Greek name for girls. If you’re adventurous with names, this name sounds like a disease is perfect for your little one.

Clemenia.  A Latin name for girls. One of the girls ‘ less attractive old Latin names. Clementia makes it somewhat less botanical / medicinal.

Cliantha.  A Greek name for girls which means “glory-flower”.

Colombine. Colombine is a name originated from the Latin language and means dove. It is commonly used on baby girls.

Corymbia. The name Corymbia is inspired from the many species of beautiful flowering gum trees. This name is uncommon however famous in Australia.

Crisanta. The name is inspired from the flower chrysanthemum which means golden flower. It was originated in Spain and then spread to the Greeks.

Cynthia. In classical mythology, Cynthia is a name of the moon Goddess or a woman from Kynthos.

Daphne. The name originally started in Greece but Americans are known for using the name more often. Daphne is a name which means laurel tree or bay tree.

Dianella. This name is inspired from a small plant that grown somewhere in Australia. It is known for blossoming in spring season of which its flowers are in star-like shape with a color of purple which eventually develops into a blueberry.

Diantha. The name was originated from Greek myth, of which the Greek God Zeus had a mythological flower of the name. Diantha is also a variation of its cousin’s name, Diana.

Edelweiss. Edelweiss, which is pronounced as eh-del-vice is a name that means noble white. This name is associated with a small mountain flower Leontopodium Alpinum which is an herbal medicine.

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Elestren. The name Elestren means Iris and was originated from the Cornish.

Evanthe. The name sounds unique however it definitely is a generic flower name. Evanthe literally means a fair flower which originated in Greece.

Fioralba. The name is inspired from the names Rose, Violent, and Lily that sounds mor luscious and romantic.

Fiorello. As it is hard to look for a flower name that suits for a baby boy.

Flortje. This unique name which is pronounced as flor-che originated from the Dutch which means little flower.

Florentina. One of the names that is inspired from the Flora name, this name is of Latin origin which means blooming.

Florin. A French, Romanian name for boys that means “flower; flouring”.

Florine. A rare and archaic French name for girls. It has a warrior history, Florine of Burgundy was a French female crusader who fought in battles alongside her husband and died after continuing to fight with seven arrows in her chest.

Florizel. The flowery flor sound makes it less masculine for a boys name but the “Z” gives it an edge and cool factor.

Freesia. Freesia is a flower name that gives off an exotic feels suited for those babies whose parents who wants to be daring in naming their babies.

Fuchsia. More known as a color, Fuchsia is a plant name and a name after a character in the fantasy trilogy series Gorenghast.

Garance. Garance is a unisex flower name that refers to a plant that is deep red in color. It has become a fashionable name for a baby girl and a classy name for baby boys.

Gardenia. Gardenia is a flower variant of Rose and Lily of which the name was inspired from a botanist with a surname Garden.

Garland. Garland is a name which definitely sounds good in baby boys.

Geranium. Geranium is a flower that often blossoms together with Magnolias and Azaleas. It is an offbeat name for baby girls but is surely a unique one.

Giacinta. Giacinta is a variation of the Spanish name Jacinta which is a purple flower and also a saint’s name.

Hana. This name could mean a lot depending on culture and country. For instance, it is an inspired name from a flower name called Hanae in Japan, but this could be the Czech and Polish short form of Johanna.

Heliotrope. This flower has a very appealing appearance and fragrance. However, using this flower name to name your little ones might be impulsive of you.

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Ianthe. Ianthe is inspired from a flower with a same name which is purple in color. The name has a poetic, romantic, and ethereal feel.

Ione. This name is inspired from an unusual flower found in Greece. The name has gained attention when the folksinger Donovan used it to name his daughter, Ione Skye.

Ixora. Ixora is a flowering plant which commonly flowers in tropical climates all year round.

Jacinda. This name is inspired from a lovely and unusual Spanish and Portugese flower name Jacintha.

Jonquill. The name is inspired from an unusual flower that is less outlandish compared to Daffodil and lot more unique than Daisy.

Kamal. Kamal is a flower name which is derived from a type of an evocative lotus flower of the same name.

Kantuta. The Kantuta name is a name of the national flower of both Bolivia and Peru which commonly blossoms during Christmas season. It is green and red in color.

Kassia. The Kassia name is inspired from the flower Cassia.

Larkspur. Larkspur is a flower or plant that stings on its other end. It is uncommon for parents to use this name for their little ones but if you are adventurous enough, this name is best for you.

Laylani. The name Laylani means heavenly flower. With this meaning, the name appears to be gentle and pure.

Liana. Liana is a tropical vine and is a lovely and gracious name for a baby girl.

Liliane. It is a fact that the name of the flower Lily has become too common that parents are looking for great substitutions of the name. Liliane is one of those names that make the Lily name sound new.

Liliosa. Liliosa is another variation of flower in the family of Lilies. Aside from that, the name is an ancient saint’s name that’s a perfect revival.

Lilliana. Lilliana is another name that is inspired from the flower lily.

Lita. The name Lita is a shortened version of the name Carmelita which is a name inspired from Carmel which means garden in Hebrew.

Lupin. Lupin is an unusual flower and an unusual flower name which originally came from the roots of Old France. In Latin, the name Lupin came from lupinus which pertains to the wolf.

Madelief. The name started in Netherlands but still uncommon. This name is a Dutch name for the flower daisy.

Magnolia. The flower magnolia is a Southern bell equipped with a sweet smell. The name was made famous by Edna Ferber and the musical Showboat.

Manuka. Manuka is a unisex name that is inspired from the tree of this name which is known for the honey its flowers produces.

Marilla. Marilla is a Latin name which means shining sea. Inspired from the name f the flower amaryllis which is a delicate yet sweet flower.

Marjoram. Both herb and a flower, Marjoram is a name that gives unique touches to your little one’s name.

Maryam. The name is an Iranian or Arabic version of the name Miriam. The name Maryam is a botanical name in Iran.

Mawar. Whilst the rose flower is a common name, Mawar, which is a variant of rose is also used as a beautiful name for your little girl.

Mignon. Though originally used as an endearment in French, Mignon is a name that was first used as a name by Goethe. This name could be used to name your baby boys, while the feminine version Mignonne can be used to your little girls.

Millaray. Millary is a name that sounds fresh and modern which means golden flower.

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Muguet. The name is from a variant of the flower Lily. Muguet, which is pronounced as moo-gey is a French name that is not so appealing to the American ear.

Myrthe. Myrthe is a name originated in the Dutch countries and is a botanical name.

Nanala. Nanala is a Hawaiian word for the flower sunflower and is a name often used for people who loves to gaze to the sun.

Nasrin. A Persian name which means wild rose. The name Nasrin is often used in countries like Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

Neeja. An Eastern flower name that gives off a sweet and feminine touch.

Ornella. Aside from being a flower name, Ornella is an Italian name made purposely for theatrical creation. The name means a flowering ash tree too.

Pansy. The name literally means thought and it is from the French origin.

Patchouli. The name which gives off a nice fragrant name that is commonly seen and heard in hip communities.

Pema. The name Pema is derived from the Hindu name Padma which literally means lotus flower. The name is  unique one for baby girls since it has not been known by many yet.

Penthia. The name is an inspiration from the flower Cynthia. It originated from Greece.

Peony. One of the floral names not commonly heard, Peony is also a novel from 1948. The name literally means healing.

Peregrine. The name is of Latin origin and means traveller and/or pilgrim. The name was inspired from mayflower.

Picotee. Picotee is a name of a flower that is known for its second color around its edges and is commonly found in tulips.

Primula. The name Primula is in all forms related to the flower Primrose. Just a little enhancement on the name to make it sound quirky and charming.

Prunella. The name is mainly a combination of prune which is a plant, and Ella which is a common name for girls.

Rada. Rada is a name which means Rose.

Raisa. Raisa is a Russian name which means rose. The name also associates with traits like being easygoing and being a leader.

Raizel. The name is a flower name which originated and made popular in Israel.

Rayen. This Chilean name literally means flower. The name can be used on both girls and boys, depends on how creative you are as a parent in naming your child.

Rhoda. Rhoda is a Greek name which means Rose.

Rhodes. This Greek name that is best suited for boys basically interprets as to where roses grow.

Rhoswen. Out of all the “Rose” inspired names, this name is a great choice if you are looking for something unique and new.

Roise. The name interprets to little rose in Ireland.

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Roisin. Pronounced as ro-sheen, this Irish name means little rose.

Romy. A unisex name but is often used on boys, Romy is a name that means a citizen of Rome.

Rosa. Inspired from the flower rose, Rosa is one of the commonest and most classic names in Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

Rosalie. The name Rosalie is the French version of the Latin name Rosalia which means Rose.

Rosalind. In literary, Rosalie is a well know name as it was used by Shakespeare. The name means pretty rose.

Rosamel. The name Rosamel is actually a French surname that has been used as a name by Spanish people, is a name formed in combining Rosa which means rose, and mel which is a Greek word meaning honey.

Rosanna. Another variation of the flower name Rose.

Rosella. The name Rosella is found in nature. The name could be a variety of beautiful Australian cockatoos and an Australian flower.

Rosen. This name which is often given to boys has a meaning of “burning bush” and also a Bulgarian word for a plant called dittany.

Rue. The name may sound unique and new, and can also be used on both girls and boys too however this flower name means regret.

Sanne. Sanne is a Dutch name which means lily and is pronounced as sah-na.

Shoshana. This is a Hebrew name which means lily.

Sireli. Sireli is an Estonian derivation of sirel which means lilac flower.

Soma. Soma is a name of a flowering tree that is also used often to name a boy. The name is rare and lovely similar to the tree with the name.

Spruce. Spruce is basically a name of a tree and is common used in naming girls.

Susannah. Susannah is a Hebrew name which means lily. It has also a great background in literature as William Shakespeare named his daughter Susannah.

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Suzanne. Suzanne is the French variation of the name Susan which also means lily.

Suzette. Suzette is a Hebrew variation of the name Susan which means lily. Its French diminutive is the name previously listed, Susannah.

Tancy. Derived from the flower Tansy, which is an obscure plant. The name Tancy was used in Big Love as the name of the young daughter.

Tansy. Tansy is a Greek name which means immortality. Tansy on the botanical world is a flower which is a member of the aster family which has clusters of small bright yellow flowers.

Thallo. In Roman, the Goddess of flowers which is Flora is this name, Thallo. Specifically, Thallo is the Goddess of spring, buds, and blooms.

Thistle. Thistle is Scottish name which represents the botanical emblem of the country. This name is most suited for boys and is a good choice if you are being a little patriotic to Scotland.

Tulip. Tulip is a Turkish flower name that not as common as flower names like Rose and Lily. The name could be hard to pull off at first use, but eventually the name gets cool and cute.

Varda. The name Varda is common in the country Israel. Varda is a Hebrew name which means a pink rose.

Vered. The name Vered originated from the Hebrews which means rose. The name is best suited for boys as it has the sound of being true.

Veronica. The name is of Latin origin which is derived from the name Berenice, which means the one who brings victory, or true image. Veronica is also a biblical character who is known to be the one who wiped Jesus’ face when he was on his way to Calvary. In the botanical world, veronica is an herb which has small flowers bright blue in color.

Viola. The name viola could be associated to various things like a musical instrument or a character in one of Shakespeare’s works. Other than that, Viola is a Latin name which means violet.

Winika. Winika s a name with a meaning of Christmas orchid. The name is a Maori origin and is a rare name compared to other names with W as the first letter.

Wisteria. The name Wisteria, as a flower, symbolizes devotion. This is a frilly flower with a southern accent that is not known to many.

Xochitl. Pronounced as so-chat-el, Xochitl is a name used in Southern Mexico which is an Aztec name for the word flower.

Yasmin. The flower associated with this name is sweet and flower in smell. Yasmin, which is the Persian version of the flower name Jasmine, is a widely used name due to its uniqueness compared to the common spelling “Jasmine”.

Zahara.  The Zahara name means to shine in Hebrew, ad flower in Swahili.

Zainab. The name is actually a variation of the Zaynab tree, a tree that flowers. It originated in the Arab.

Zalie. The name could be formed from different names but this is commonly used as a shorter name for the flower Azalea.

Zaria. Aside from being the name of the capital city of Nigeria, Zaria is also an Arabic name which means Rose.

Zariah. A beautiful variation of the previously mentioned name, Zaria.

Zariyah. Another variation of the Arabic name Zaria.

Zaynab. The name is actually an Arabic word that means beauty and also a name of a tree that has flowers.

Zinnia. The name Zinnia is a name of a flower that was named after the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn. The name sounds edgy and uncommon, but is a good name for girls.

Abelia. Abelia is the feminine alternative for the muscular name Abel. The name means sigh and breath and is originated from the Hebrew. This flower name is also used as a variation for the name Abigail.

Amapola. This name originated from the Arab countries and means poppy.

Araluen. The name is inspired from a dainty water lily of an beautiful Aboriginal Australian place.

Arbor. Arbor is a name that works for both male and female and is inspired from the name of a tree, Oak or Oakley.

Chrisoula. This name is the feminine variation of the name Chrysantanthos, which means golden flower and is inspired from the flower name Chrysanthemum.

Clemensia. Clemensia is a Latin name widely used as a name for girls.

Altheda. In Greek, the name or word Altheda means like a blossom. The name gives an edgy and a newer appeal.

Blimah. Blima is a dainty name of the Hebrews which means blossom.

Acantha. Acantha is a Greek flower name which means thorn and/or pickle.

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