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90 Baby Names That Means Strong


90 Baby Names That Means Strong

When parents are searching for baby names for children, they are searching for this criterion: it should be intense, strong and time-tested. A strong and powerful name for the baby provides the child with an additional measure of strength. There are also girl names that sure to give a  sense of empowerment to your baby girl. Here are some names acquired from names that mean powerful and brave. There is something for everyone with a mix of traditional and uncommon names.


Aaron. A boy name that means “mountain of strength”

Maximus (Max). A strong classic name that means “Greatest.”

Ethan. Origins from Hebrew and means “strong.”

Jedrek (Jed). One of the list’s more uncommon options is “Strong, Manly”

Angus (Gus). Gaelic origin name that implies “one strength” or “one strength”.

Jerry. A name that these days you don’t hear too often, Jerry means “Brave Spearman” and might be ready for resurgence.

Kalmin. A name that means “manly and strong” for those who like their name to be more unique.

Everett. A bold and stylish option. This name implies “wild boar” or “strong” with Anglo-Saxon origin.

Liam. Traditional but modern, Liam has Irish roots, meaning “strong-willed warrior.”

Oscar. This means “divine strength.” A choice of name that is slightly softer but still powerful.

Patrick. A Latin origin name that means “nobleman”.

Remo. A name that means “the strong one.”

Tiger. A name which means “powerful and energetic.”

Morgan. A name that means “the sea warrior”.

Boris. A Russian name that means “fire fighter”.

Herbert. A German name that means “illustrious warrior”.

Owen. A name from Wales that means “young warrior, noble”.

Aadaya. A girl name that originated from Sanskrit which means power that gave rise to the five elements and five senses. Aadya is also the other name of Goddess Durga.

Audrey. A girl name that means “noble strength”. It’s also the name of a sixth-century saint revered during the Middle Ages.

Valerie. French version of the name Valeria, meaning ‘ strength, health. ‘

Adira. A girl Hebrew name that means “strong”. It is one of the rarest exotic names.

Bree. A name that means “strength or an excellent one”.

Andrea. Andrea is Andrew’s girl name version, meaning “strong”.

Rainey. A girl name that means “counsel power” has an old-time appeal to it.

Valencia. It is a Spanish name for the orange-scented place, meaning “brave and powerful”.

Althea. In Greek mythology and pastoral poetry, it is an ethereal name. Althea’s meaning is “with healing power.”

Bernadette. It’s a German name, meaning ‘ strong and brave as a bear. ‘ This friendly and overtly feminine name doesn’t even feel dated in the least sense. Actually, it’s used much more commonly now than before.

Arnold. The Normans introduced the name Arnold in the form of Arnaud into the UK. A reputable namesake is Arnold Schoenberg, the novelist. Most of you may find it surprising, but by birth the venerable St. Arnold was Greek. And, who can only think of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator.

Amell. A German name that means “power of an eagle. We don’t think it can get any stronger than this.

Maynard. A German name that means “brave, hardy and strong”.

Andreas. Andreas is Andrew’s Greek New Testament version, meaning “strong, manly”

Griffin. Griffin is the name of a creature of mythology with half a lion body and half an eagle. Griffin’s meaning is “powerful lord.”

Kawan. Also in other areas of the globe, this Korean name is well known. It’s “powerful.”

Bernard. The name means “bear strength”.

Denzell. A Cornish name that means “powerful”.

Barrett. A German name that means “bear strength”. This can be also a name for girls.

Malin. Although this name is not widely used, it still has a lot of character. It’s an English name, which means “powerful little warrior.”

Ezekiel. The name of the prophet of the Old Testament means “God strengthens”. You can shorten this name to Zeke, but in its full form it sounds more powerful.

Quillon. It is a Latin name that means “strong” or “crossing swords”. The name appears beautiful when written, but it’s not very appealing to pronounce. It’s pronounced as Kill-on, which can mislead the little one

Valentine. The name means “strong”. It was  borne by the third-century martyr, St. Valentine, whose birthday is celebrated as the modern Valentine’s Day.

Melisende. This girl name means “strong in work”. Melisende is the mellifluous name of the queen of Jerusalem in the 12th century.

Briana. This name is the girl version of Brian that means “strong, virtuous and honourable”.

Bridget. Bridget is the Anglicized variation of the name Brighid that means “strength or exalted one”.

Philomena. A lovely and earthy Greek name meaning “love of strength”

Valentina. The girl version of the name Valentine which means “strength”

Gertrude. A girl name that means “spear of strength”. Gertrude is a goddess ‘ name in Norse mythology. Gertie’s going to create a very adorable Gertrude nickname.

Trudy. This is a girl German name that means “spear of strength”.

Milicent. This sweet, feminine name, which means “strong at work”

Isa. It is a girl German name that means “strong-willed”.

Gabriella. It is an Itallian name and the girl version of the name Gabriel that means “God is my strength”.

Keren. It is a Hebrew name that means “strength and power”.

Matilda. This vintage girl name means “might strong”.

Arsenio. A Spanish name meaning “virile and strong”

Oswald. This boy name means “divine power”/

Thor. Your son might not have the Asgard resident’s looks, but giving him a name that means “thunderous” would give him strength beyond his wildest dreams.

Phoenix. Phoenix may be a mythological bird, but its tale makes it worth keeping as the name of your child. Phoenix is a bird born of its own ashes, a symbol of renewal and never giving up.

Andrew. The name means “manly or strong”. Andy or Drew would make the best nickname for this one.

Leonardo. The name means “brave lion”. The name with a sweet vibe is strong and ferocious.

Gabriel. The name means “God is my strength”. Gabriel was the archangel announcing the news of the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s one of the favourite names in the Bible

Garrettt. The Irish version of the name Gerard that means “spear strength”.

Swithun. An English name that means “quick, strength”.

Osiris. The name means “strong eyesight”. Osiris is the name of the mythological Egyptian god who dies and reincarnates every year.

Maoz. In Hebrew this name means “strength”. Maoz is a symbolic name given to the boys born during the Holy Temple’s Jewish rededication.

Imre. This name means “strength”. A quite familiar name in Hungary.

Kenzo. It is a popular Japanese name that means “strong and healthy”.

Oz. A Hebrew name that means “power and strength”.

Takio. A popular Japanese name that means “strong as a bamboo”.

Brighid. The Irish version of the name Bridget that means “strength”. It’s the name of the mythical goddess of poetry, fire, and wisdom.

Edrei. A name from the Old Testaments that means “strong and powerful”. In the Bible, Edrei is one of the chief towns of the Kingdom of Bashan.

Elfrida. This girl English name means “elf power”.

Gesa. A Dutch name that means “strength of a spear”.

Jaiyana.  An Arabic name that means “strength” in English.

Karleen. An old German name that means “womanly strength”.

Lenna. A girl German name that has a powerful meaning. It means “lion’s strength”.

Braelynn. This name is the combination of Brianna and Lynn that means “strength”.

Emersyn. The girl version of the name Emerson. This name means “bravery or powerful”.

Wyetta. It is an Old-English name that means “war strength”.

Bria. This name is inspired by the Irish name Bridget that means “power, strength and vigor”.

Kendra.  An uncommon name for girls that means “enthusiastic power or wise ruler”

Audra. An English name that means “noble strength”.

Mildred. This English name means “gentle strength”.

Carla. It is a Portuguese name that means “one who possesses strength”.

Zale. A Greek name for boys that means “sea strength”. It has a catchy sound and an appealing meaning

Rinaldo. The Italian version of the name Reginald that means “counsel power”.

Azeil. A Hebrew name that means “God is my strength”. It was a common name in Israel during the middle ages.

Kano. A Japanese name that means “masculine power or capability”.

Edric. An English name that means “strength”.

Azai. A boy Hebrew name that means “strength”

Ryker. A Danish name that means “superior strength”.

Martin. The name means “warlike”. One of the world’s most influential and powerful men, Martin Luther King Junior, has a name that can’t beat.

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