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How And Why Your Baby Has Skipped Crawling


How And Why Your Baby Has Skipped Crawling

It is common for babies who are a few months old to be crawling all around the house before learning to walk. Also, crawling has become a milestone for parents in which they keep track in the growing progress of their little ones. However, there are some cases where your babies might have skipped the crawling stage and do some other things in substitute to it.


Is this a problem?

Hearsays state that when your babies have skipped the crawling stage before learning how to walk, they tend to encounter learning problems in the future. In reality, this is not true. As long as your baby is able to coordinate each sides of his or her body and is able to use his or her arms and legs equally, he will be fine. The skipping of the crawling stage could be because of the excellent gross motor skills in them which enable them to readily walk sooner. Yes, skipping the crawling stage is normal and does not affect the learning ability however, if the cause of the crawl-skipping of your babies relates to stiffness or weakness that prevent him or her from doing so, you need to have a talk with your baby’s doctor.


Why do some babies skip the crawling stage?

Babies are known to be in the crawling stage at around seven to 10 months old. However, some babies have decided not to do the crawling and skip to walking. As explained by a paediatrician, your baby not being able to crawl should not be a worry when his or her motor skills like rolling over and sitting up is being assessed by a nurse practitioner or a doctor at his or her regular baby visits. Your baby, in their young age, uses whichever mechanism they could use to get around and allow them to develop coordination and balance. Also, this allows your baby to explore his or her environment and gain a sense of independence.


How do they skip the crawling stage?

As a part of the exploration and independence gaining of your baby, there are different ways of which they can do that. These methods commonly include creeping or sliding on the tummy. Aside from that, bottom shuffling using the legs and sometimes the arms which helps them to propel themselves in a seated position is also another method. Also, the commando crawl or the crawling with the arms only is another popular move by babies. With these movements, some babies will even move from one end of the room to another end.


As agreed by parents and pediatricians, it is a must for babies to crawl before actually learning how to walk. Crawling has also been held up as a prerequisite to the normal progression of other aspects of neuromuscular and neurological development such as coordination between the hand and eyes as well as social maturation. However, as recent studies show, crawling is basically deemed to be unnecessary in the development of a normal child.


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