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The Best Free Typing Games for Kids


The Best Free Typing Games for Kids

best free typing games for kids


With today’s digital world, it is important for everyone to learn how to type. That is why training the kids to type at an early age are much recommended. To make learning more fun and not boring, developers have created computer games about typing that will surely get a child’s fingers moving and help them improve their typing abilities. Some of these kid-friendly games are listed below:


  • Dance Mat Typing. This game is more on helping the player learn where the keys on the keyboard are situated. Each level has its own teaching technique like how in the first level there are animals that will help the player familiarize the “home row” keys (A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, and L) and the second and third level will help them familiarize the rows above and below the home row. There are characters in the game too and like Claudette and the Cat which helps the player in the final levels, showing the typists how to add the letters X and Z and also how to capitalize letters by using the “shift” key. Lastly, the game also shows how to type several symbols like apostrophe, slash, and period.


  • Spider Typer. In this typing game, the child player is allowed to choose from three different levels of difficulty depending on the level of skill of the player. The genre of the game is adventure, where the typist’s mission is to help the spider named Berry in escaping from the chameleons. To do this, the player has to type the words they see on the chameleons to destroy them thus helping Berry not to be eaten so that the spider can move to the finish line.


  • Keyboard Climber 2. Somewhat similar to Spider Typer, this game is about a monkey trapped in the bottom of the cave. The monkey can be helped when it can jump up rock platforms and to do this, the player must be able to recognize and type the letter that pops up to the screen. Every letter the player gets correct, the monkey will be given a banana bunch and if they got it wrong, a coconut falls on the monkey’s head thus the level shall be restarted. This game can be perfect for kids who are new to the alphabet since there is no time limit, allowing the kids playing to move on their own speed.


  • This game is basically a play in the Pacman game and is known for its easy gameplay that is best for beginners in the typing field. The game is about hovering Pacman up, down, or to the sides to escape the ghosts and win the game. To do that, the player has to locate the letters and numbers from the path in the keyboard thus moving Pacman. The letters and numbers will change after each move for extra challenge. The game is not just a typing game, but also a game that tests the player’s awareness and multitasking skills.


  • The Typing of the Ghosts. This game is quite best for those who are already pretty good at typing but just wants to get faster. The game’s objective is to type the words that appear in the screen in an unbelievable speed so that the ghosts in the background won’t be able to approach the player. There are 5 lives given to the player that will be lost once a ghost approaches the player. However, the game might be scary to some kids so it’s best to check it out first.


  • Trash Typer. The game is basically good for kids that are up to extra challenge — spelling. Trash that is in the form of bubbles fall from above and the only way to get rid of it is by typing the word beneath each bubble so that the little car with the dinosaur can pick the trash up and destroy them. Each play consists of four lives. The words vary from those categorized as easy up to the harder ones.


  • Alpha Munchies. Inspired by Atari’s Space Invaders, Alpha Munchies is a game in which the objective is to shoot the little pixel aliens before they get to hit the blocks that is protecting the player and his items, for instance the player’s lunch. However, the way to shoot the aliens is by typing the letters that appear above each alien. The games is best for those are still in the stage of learning the alphabet and also works for those who want to increase their typing speed.


There are a lot of typing games developed for the young ones, each with different difficulty and genre. Thus, there are plenty of options of games that can help any kid get his or her typing speed faster.

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