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10 Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant


10 Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant is every woman’s dream, to give a life to another human being from your own genes and DNA. But are sex positions really a thing in helping you and your partner to conceive your future little one? Find out more here in this article.


You may have heard of myths saying that sex positions help in increasing the chances of you getting pregnant after. There is no sex position that is wrong but there might be some of these positions that is said to help the sperm in meeting the egg more likely. And one position that helps in increasing the chances of conceiving is very common — missionary. Missionary is the most common position, the type in which the man is on top. This position is known to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. Aside from missionary, doggy style is also one. This is the position type when the woman is on all fours, and the penetration happens when your partner enters you from behind.


These positions increase the chances of getting pregnant since these are the common position types that allow deep penetration which means that there is a chance of the sperm to be right next to the cervix or the opening of the womb. Missionary position allows the penis to reach the area in front of the cervix and the doggy style position allows the penis to reach the back area of the cervix. This is confirmed from the common sense and scanning o the expert of what is going on inside the genitals when doing the deed.


Other question is that is there a need for you to orgasm to get pregnant? Well, it is obvious that your partner has to ejaculate for his sperm to meet your eggs. Meanwhile, there is no need for the woman to orgasm. Female orgasms are purely for pleasure and satisfaction and do not help in making the sperm reach to your eggs. Gentle contractions in your womb also help the sperm along its way but these sensations happen even without you having an orgasm.


After the sex it is recommended to stay lying down for a while. The discharge of your partner is more like to stay in your cervical area compared to when you stand up right away. There will be plenty of sperm released in every male orgasm so there would be plenty enough sperm in your vagina even if you stand straight right away.


Ideally, staying in bed after sex for half an hour is the best time for this action. Aside from that, trying to lie down on your back with your hips raised on a pillow is advised to encourage the sperm to travel towards your egg. But, do not be encouraged to try this when your GP has advised you to empty your bladder straight after sex though. Another trick in which some women have already proven and swore effective is by lying on your back and cycling your legs in the air for a little while.


It is known that missionary and doggy style are sex positions that gives you higher chances of conceiving a baby but there are other positions that are quite exciting and fun but still increases the probability of you getting pregnant.


  • Legs on Shoulders. Missionary position with a twist. The twist is that the woman hooks both of her legs on her partner’s shoulders while doing the deed. This position allows your partner’s sperm to get as close to the cervix as possible.
  • CAT or Coital Alignment Technique. This position is also effective in helping with female orgasm and letting the sperm swim downstream at the same time. The position is done by the woman splaying out her knees so the man’s lower torso fits in between. Next is instead of thrusting, both man and woman rock their pelvises together in rhythm which will give them the gravity-assisting effect of missionary.
  • Side by Side Scissors. This position is where both of you and your partner will have to lie side by side facing each other as the male enter the female. The position also gives access to deep penetration thus helping the sperm quickly reach the cervix.
  • If you love to b adventurous in your hot session with the partner, then this should be in your to try list. The woman positions herself as on fours. The man will be in between the woman’s legs, and raising her legs up similar to holding a wheelbarrow. The legs should be hold up in line with his thighs and enters the woman from behind. This position also allows deep penetration, and then again, helps the sperm bring closer to the egg. Remember that when you are already pregnant, or having a visible baby bump, this position is an absolutely restriction while doing sex. It’s just not safe.
  • Reverse Cowgirl. Last is the reverse cowgirl position. Among women, this claimed to be the best position for a woman to get pregnant. This position involves a woman sitting on her partner, facing away from him which provides a unique angle of entry for penetration. And since you do not know whether you have a retroverted uterus or not, which happens in some cases, might as well try this position.


Chances of conceiving increases depending on the sex position per se, but are there positions that will help a couple in conceiving a girl or a boy?


There is no physical or scientific evidence of sex positions relating to conceiving either boy or a girl. However, there are plenty of old wives tales. There is one that says that if the woman is on top, a girl will be conceived and the baby will be a boy when the man is on top.


Does the sex position really matter in conceiving babies? Apparently, there is no research that could validate or invalidate these claims. It is completely your decision to either follow these claims or not but there is no harm in trying right?


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