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15 Best Toys for Newborns


15 Best Toys for Newborns

As your baby lives in the world in his or her few weeks, they will become interested in the things that surrounds them, especially toys. However, some toys could be harmful for newborns because they might be swallowed by the latter and some other cases. That is why there are toys that are made just for newborns and here are 15 of the best toys for newborns:


  1. Ollie the Owl. This toy possesses the face of an owl and is named as one of the best toys since it is made of a soft material, thus would not physically hurt the baby. This toy can be used from the moment the baby was born until anytime they would want. Ollie the Owl has four in-built tunes, a nightlight, and a cry sensor which plays music to the baby in cases that they wake up in the middle of their sleep. It does not only look adorable, but this toy also helps soothes even the most restless baby because it s very huggable which makes it the best baby toy in helping your baby sleep.
  2. Gertie the Good Goose. This toy is known to be the best toy for babies that are teething for this help them in soothing their painful gums during teething. The toy is designed to fit perfectly to a baby’s hands but looks very adorable. Gertie the Good Goose is a toy in which babies can freely chew on the feet, tails, and beak. Suitable even from birth and works also well as a teether. This also heps improve the visual sense of a baby because of its bright orange color.
  3. Lamaze Flapping Fiona. Aside from being a toy, the Lamaze Flapping Fiona is a multi-sensory soft flamingo toy with a velvety neck, extendable legs, silky beak, crinkly tail, and wings that whirr and flap when the clip attached is pulled down. This toy is also safe for newborn babies that do not give much attention to the details of the things that surrounds him or her. Also, the Lamaze Flapping Fiona has a mixture of different textures which the babies can feel every time they get to hold this flapping flamingo toy.
  4. Petit Collage Organic Bunny Activity Toy. The name speaks for itself! This toy has its eco properties because it is organically made and is a hundred percent soft texture. The toy is made of cotton which features a beechwood teething ring, a crinkly apple that is made to jiggle when pulled, super-soft ears and colourful ribbon tabs. This could be the cutest gift for a baby because of its high-contrast colours, special carrot pouch and cute ribbon whiskers which are absolutely tactile and has a texture that is perfect for the for a baby’s tiny fingers and cheeks. The toy is good even for babies that are just born.
  5. Edwin Stella the Hedgehog Musical Box. A toy that is good for a baby’s sense of hearing, this music box is shaped to a shaggy hedgehog design. The toy is also made so that it could be hung above a cot or from a buggy or car seat. And while this hedgehog is hung, it plays a sweet tune when the cord attached is pulled. The music the toy produces is sweet and the hedgehog’s multi-loop feature makes it irresistible to reach for. The toy is stylish and super soft too.


Aside from these toys with specifics made for newborns, there are also toys that are categorized based on what sense it helps in enhancing. The senses enhanced with the help of newborn toys are visual, hearing, touch, and sometimes smell and taste.


To help your babies improve their sense of sight or visual, several toys are made for that. Toys with pictures of faces of which helps him or her in recognizing faces. You can start by showing them photos of families for them to be able to recognize you. Another is an unbreakable mirror of which they will be able to see their own reflection, making them recognize their face, and see how they look.


Rattles and also letting them listen to music helps in the development of their hearing sense. Music is a great factor in that since babies can already recognize sounds and soft music which are one of the best ways in calming them. Newborn babies are more drawn to objects that produce a light and gentle sound rather than the soft ones.


There are also other toys that help stimulate your baby’s senses. Mobiles, soft books with high contrast patterns, wind chimes, and the likes are good example of it. Sensory toys and tactile toys on the other hand help babies in exploring what their tiny little hands can do.


Whatever kind of toy your baby may show interest, don’t deprive them of it as long as it is not harmful and dangerous for them. It is best to let them learn things from the objects that they are naturally drawn with. With that, here are 10 more toys that may interest your newborn babies.


  1. Twiddle Ons Foot Discovery Rattle Toys
  2. Jellycat Bredita Bunny Soother
  3. Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit
  4. Galt Giant Soft Book
  5. Manhattan Toy Winkle
  6. Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table
  7. Freddie the Firefly Rattle Baby Toy
  8. Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile
  9. Lamaze Philip the Pelican
  10. Halilit Musical Rings


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