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What Is The Bleach Pregnancy Test and Does It Work?


What Is The Bleach Pregnancy Test and Does It Work?

As common as it could get, bleach is one thing a house cannot have. It is usually used in cleaning the dirtiest and messiest part of the house — the kitchen and the toilets. Basically, bleach can be used in cleaning not just in those parts of the house, but with other parts and in other places too, sometimes clothes. What’s amazing is that bleach is also used as a homemade pregnancy test by some!


Bleach Pregnancy Test


Testing pregnancy by bleaching, or also called a bleach pregnancy test is one of those homemade and DIY tricks in determining whether a woman is pregnant or not. This test works because of the bleach’s highly reactive nature. The determination of pregnancy depends on the reaction of the bleach when peed on. It may produce a fizz, a bubble or froth, or there could be no reaction with the two substances at all.


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HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone found in the urine is the one that reacts on a substance that identifies whether a woman is pregnant or not. When someone is pregnant, especially on the early stage, the placenta is up in producing HCG and it continues to increase each day mostly in the first trimester or the first three months. Enough concentration of the HCG will then lead to its coming out together with the urine when pregnant.


The reaction of the urine with HCG, when fused to the bleach, would cause a fizz, bubble or froth. This reaction is a clear indication of the presence of HCG in the urine, and thus the owner of the latter is pregnant. However, if there is no visible or notable change, then the tester is not pregnant.



pregnant or not



While conducting the test, it would be very best to observe the bleach and urine reaction closely for the reason that the bleach reacts the moment urine is added in and that it lasts for a few seconds. As said, as bubble or froth or fizz is produced upon the adding of urine to the bleach. However, froth can also be produced when the mix was left for quite long. This scenario calls for a false positive pregnancy result. The froth formed was due to other reasons and not because of the HCG presence of the urine used. A true positive result from a bleach pregnancy test is when the bubble was produced immediately after adding urine.


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As sad as it may sound, a negative result simply indicates that the tester is not pregnant. This happens in the case that there is no reaction or any effervescence after the addition of urine to the bleach. There is also a chance of a false negative test and this happens when there is no reaction between the urine and bleach when in fact you are pregnant. This commonly happens when a bleach pregnancy test is conducted before a missed period.


Just like other pregnancy tests, the bleach pregnancy test could not be a hundred percent accurate. This pregnancy test is just a home-made test and is basically used when one needs a little reassurance or hope before grabbing a real pregnancy tester or as a confluence of a real pregnancy test, make it habit to consult a specialist, a doctor specifically. The true positive results will come from the doctor who will do the check-up.


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