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10 Easy Campfire Songs for Kids


10 Easy Campfire Songs for Kids

Camp songs help create the spirit of camping, let the children loosen up and create excellent memories. The best part about camping songs is not to worry about remaining on key. Neither do you need a guitar to accompany you, even if it can assist. But you need to select the correct song to get everyone singing together. Most children’s camp songs are those already known to children with a repetitive chorus. Many famous songs from the camp are classics that have always been around. Many songs are based on history while others are simply stupid. The sillier the better with the children being your audience. So gather around the campfire, sing loud and proud, and have fun! Here are some 10 camp you can sing during camping:


Down By the Bay. Get the flowing creative juices with this musical improv game. The whole family will be trying to find the most clever rhyming line in stitches. Have you ever seen a fish eat from a dish? The fun continues and it gets the children to practice rhyming. Winning!

I Met a Bear. If you’re out with a group of young people in the forest, this easy call-and-answer song makes a fun sing-a-long song. Sing the story of what happens when you suddenly stumble through a bear in the woods, with nothing to defend yourself.

Home On the Range. Break the acoustic guitar and twang your best country as you and the fam-jam belt this true classic cowboy out. Now, repeat it again, feeling it!

She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain. This super-simple childhood song is fun to break out with the kiddies, who are quick to catch up with the repetitive refrain. It’s going to be a full-on hoe-down around your campfire before you realize it. This song will be stuck in your head for weeks.

Land of the Silver Birch. This folk song in Canada is a true tribute to the beauty of the nature of our nation. This song is fantastic from the mighty moose to the northern mountains to instill that we all feel Canadian pride, particularly when surrounded by our lush wilderness. A ideal song for both canoeing journeys and campfires.

This Little Light of Mine. For having a good time, this uplifting tune was made. This infectious number will inspire even the campfire participants most reluctant to join.

The Bear Went Over the Mountain. The repetition and simplicity of this song makes singing with young campers a great one. Have them act out the curious bear’s tale that makes its way across the mountain. What was he seeing? An entertaining night for everyone.

The Road Goes Ever On. No camp song embodies the spirit of deepening the unknown more than the old walking song of Bilbo Baggins from the children’s novel The Hobbit. Sing this together at the camp last night to celebrate the journey you had — and the many adventures that are yet to come.

Camp Granada. From a young camper’s view, a novelty song is attempting to persuade his parents to let him go back. This may bring your young people to know a few listens, but it’s good to sing when it’s all that could go wrong in the wilderness. It will remind your children that it is worth camping.

This Land is Your Land. This song is easy for kids to learn. This famous U.S. folk ballad is bound to bring a tear to your eye as you look with your children at some of America’s natural majesty.

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