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What You Need to Know About Chamomile Tea for Babies


What You Need to Know About Chamomile Tea for Babies

For adults, a cup of chamomile tea is the perfect aid for relaxation after an exhausting day. This type of tea also helps sleepless nights. It soothes the insides of those who drink it making it a popular tea drink all over the world. As popular as it is to adults, chamomile tea is also famous soothing drink for babies six months and older.

Chamomile is a herb that works as a prevention of gas formation. The herb relaxes the small muscles responsible for bowel movement. This ability of the herb makes it ideal in soothing uncomfortable and fussy babies. More remarkably, chamomile teas for babies are known for its calming properties. Other known tea flavours that help soothe babies are peppermint, fennel, and dill.

In addition to being a soothing drink for babies, chamomile teas work as a mild sedative too — mainly the reason why adults love drinking such flavour before going to sleep. This herb is also good for babies who experiences colic, which is the common deduction of crying babies.

As mentioned, chamomile tea is good for babies six months and older. When you start giving your babies other foods aside from breast milk and formula milk, chamomile milk can also be given. When you give chamomile tea for the first time, the best way to let the baby have it is by small amounts. More importantly, you stick with around half an ounce. When the baby accepts it well, you can increase the amount to one ounce every time your baby becomes fussy. The maximum amount of herbal teas especially chamomile tea a baby can have in a single dose is about five ounces. However, the best way to avoid any side effects is by keeping it small, around two to three ounces per dose, per 24 hours.


Aside from colic and fussiness, chamomile teas help in other baby problems too. Here are some of the other benefits of chamomile tea.

  • Better sleeping Because chamomile is a natural relaxant, babies who drink chamomile tea could help in their troubled sleep.
  • Colds Aside from helping with the bowel movement of babies, chamomile also helps in relieving discomfort in the upper respiratory due to colds and coughs. This tea helps babies to breathe easy.
  • Calms inflammation Chamomile contains antioxidants which helps reduce any forms of inflammation. Since diaper rashes are somewhat common to babies, chamomile tea is a good remedy for it. Also, it helps reduce the irritation in your baby’s gums during teething.
  • Other medical conditions Aside from those mentioned above, chamomile tea also helps in minimizing the intensity of some conditions of the gastrointestinal tract like IBS or irritable bowel syndrome and GER or gastroesophageal reflux.

Chamomile teas give somewhat the same benefits for adults and babies but since babies are more sensitive, you have to be more wary of where you buy or what kind you buy the chamomile tea you use for your baby’s drink.

When you purchase a chamomile tea for your little one, you have to consider various things. First is that you need to check the reputation of the store as well as the brand of the tea you are about to purchase. Established brands are not well-known for nothing. Next is to choose tea bags only. Purchasing tea bags ensures you lesser contamination of the tea since it is packed in a single packaging. Next thing to consider when buying is making sure that it is pure chamomile tea. Some manufacturers put more than one herb and something branded as a chamomile tea could have other herbs such as peppermint, tea leaves, roobois leaves or lavender. As you don’t know the reactions these ingredients would bring to your baby, it is best to avoid them.

After buying is how you prepare it for your babies. It’s quite easy though. Just boil water, place the teabag in a drinking cup and then add the boiled water and let it sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the teabag and let the tea water cool down a little bit. You can then give the tea to your baby in small sips or with a spoon. Don’t forget the amount your baby should have for a day.

Chamomile teas are indeed beneficial and good for babies. But do they have any side effects? Reports show a few side effects related to chamomile tea but anyone who is allergic to ragweed could have a big trouble with it. If you could observe any allergic reactions, there are other herbal remedies for your fussy baby.

Another herb which is similar to chamomile in its ability to help deal with colic is the dill. Dill is also found in grip water, an ancient remedy which is usually found in the nations of United States, Great Britain, and Commonwealth. However, this tonic is usually associated with unwanted sugar, sodium bicarbonate, and other additives.

Always keep in mind to give your baby chamomile tea with the knowledge of your baby’s doctor.

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