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Can You Eat Mayonnaise when Pregnant?


Can You Eat Mayonnaise when Pregnant?

Being pregnant comes with many restrictions especially when it comes to the food you can eat. The foods a mother has to eat must be nutritious and healthy enough to help both you and the development of the baby while inside the womb. One question we consistently here today Can you eat mayonnaise when pregnant? So its time to reveal the answer below.


Can you eat mayonnaise while pregnant


There are several types of mayonnaise available on the market. There is full-fat mayonnaise which contains fat of 65%-75%, light mayonnaise which contains a little fat approximately 30% and around 3% of egg content and this type may also contain corn starch which acts as a thickening agent to the mayonnaise, extra mayonnaise that contains 4% egg and 10% fat, and the last type which is called real mayonnaise that contains 6% egg and has fat content of more than 78%.


Mayonnaise can be homemade or commercially made. Either way, there are nutrients that both mayonnaises can give. One is that mayonnaise is a food high in calories. Its calorie content is approximately 700 calories per a hundred grams which is equivalent to 94 calories per tablespoon. Aside from calories, mayonnaise is also high in fat. The cholesterol content of mayonnaise is around 5mg per tablespoon. Mayonnaise also contains vitamins A, D, E, K, B6 and B12 as well as protein. Lastly, the sodium content of one tablespoon of mayonnaise can contain up to 125mg. The salt intake recommended for a day should not be more than 2300mg.


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Given this nutritional value of mayonnaise, it is safe to say that pregnant women can eat mayonnaise, only if the latter is made of pasteurized eggs. The good thing is a commercial mayonnaise is made from such kind of eggs making it safe for mothers-to-be to eat. Mayonnaise is commonly made of egg yolk, lemon juice or vinegar, and vegetable oil. The protein in the mayonnaise together with the lecithin acts as emulsifiers and stabilizes the mayonnaise thus keeping all the ingredients blended together.


eggs to make mayonnaise


The eggs used in making mayonnaise are pasteurized because using raw eggs will have a risk of getting food-borne diseases which are caused by bacteria called salmonella which can lead to a disease called salmonellosis. This disease causes nausea, vomiting, fever, headache, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. The major risk is that this disease can be transferred to the baby in the womb thus leading to having severe developmental effects.


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In conclusion, yes, pregnant women can eat mayonnaise. However, the intake should not be excessive and just enough for both the mother and baby to get the nutrients the body needs. This is because excessive mayonnaise intake can have effects like excess in weight gain, increase in blood pressure, forming of gestational diabetes, can cause obesity to the mother and can harm the baby’s immune system, and sometimes mayonnaise can cause allergies to pregnant women because of the artificial preservatives added upon making the mayonnaise and some people, or pregnant women may be allergic to some foods, spices, and the likes.


Note that there are tips in selecting the right mayonnaise for a pregnant woman to consume. These tips are:


  • Manufacturing Details. By knowing these details, one can know whether a mayonnaise was made hygienically. Also, the preparation method used in making one will be known.
  • The label has to be checked, most importantly to ensure that there are no raw eggs used in the mayonnaise you are planning to buy.
  • Pasteurized Eggs. Use the one that uses pasteurized eggs, ALWAYS.
  • Homemade and Conventional Brands. DO NOT buy these kinds of mayonnaise since they are most commonly the kinds that use raw eggs in their production.
  • To gain more assurance, it is safe to ask the seller of the mayonnaise or the restaurant owners (when eating out in a restaurant) whether the mayonnaise is made from raw eggs or not.


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