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Top 10 Fun Games to Play with Toddlers


Top 10 Fun Games to Play with Toddlers

It is common traits of kids to be keen in exploring, learning, and trying new things of the world. Which results to them play different game and with different toys and you can contribute to this learning of theirs when you try to play with them. Playing games with your toddlers is an effective way to not just create bond and spend time with them but is also one of the best choice to help your kids develop their cognitive, physical, and emotional skills.


When you get the chance to play with your toddlers, various realizations will come to mind. One is that, toddlers in general are full of energy. They run, reach for things that are not within their reach, and explore other things and their environment. They can be messy and disorganized, which can be frustrating at times but that is normal for kids their age since they are really into figuring how some things work.


For kids their age, playing random games at random times are important. This is what some call unstructured play. For instance, your toddlers might be interested in doing something active such as running, jumping, and dancing. Sometimes, they prefer doing quiet activities like drawings, reading, or playing with blocks or LEGO. When this happens, you just have to let them be. Aside from these types of play, your toddlers might also look for something in which they can take charge while doing the game or plays that requires them to think that they are in a situation and they have to act fitting to that.


To give you more ideas on what things you should let your toddlers play, here are some of the famous toddler games that are best for kids their age.


  1. Simon Says. Simon Says is a game that can be played not just b one toddler but could be a group of them. It basically teaches children how to follow instructions with rules that are easy to adhere. You are Simon, and what you say is what they will follow. When you call-out any command with a preface “Simon Says”, they have to follow no matter what or they will be eliminated. Aside from teaching them how to follow instructions, the game will also help them to listen carefully when others are speaking.
  2. Hot and Cold. It’s like hide and seek but instead of you hiding, you have to hide a thing and let your toddlers search for it. If he is looking somewhere far from it, he or she is cold. If your kids are wandering closer to it, then he is warm, then warmer, and then finally hot! This game will help sharpen your toddler’s emotional skills as he learn patience, perseverance and the idea that not everything is applicable with the saying “to see is to believe.”
  3. One for you, one for me. This game is definitely perfect for the early stages of toddlerhood. The key factor of this game is that you will be able to help your child inhibit the trait of sharing. This is played by setting out a pile of objects, crayons for example. Ask them to distribute those between you both while chanting the words, “one for you, one for me”. Also, make sure that containers are provided for both you and your toddlers for the growing collection you may have.
  4. Hockey-Pockey. This game requires singing. Oh classic. This also helps you kids follow instructions. To play the game, you just have to follow what the song says and there are no losers.
  5. This game is often played at daycares or preschools since this game is best when played with more than two people. To play this, spread out a large sheet (much better if you have an actual parachute) and everyone must hold the edges tightly in both hands. This game will help in the development of your kids’ motor skills as you have to move upwards or downwards together with your teammates.
  6. Scavenger Hunt. This is by far the funniest game suitable for toddlers. Send your toddler to hunt objects around the house or in your backyard based on commands. These commands could be “find me something round” or “find me something red”. You could also pile or collect bunch of things in the same place and ask your kids questions like “which one is red?” or which one is soft?”
  7. Hide-and-seek. Another classic. Clearly, you hide and your little one will look for you in different areas of the house. This game helps your kid enhance problem solving skills since they have to think on where they could possibly find you.
  8. Obstacle Course. The game promotes motor skills, coordination, and balance. If you have a big space in your yard, you can put up a simple obstacle course and let your kids finish the course.
  9. The game covers almost every aspect your toddler has to develop. Physical since they have to lift the puzzle pieces up, cognitive since they are solving the puzzle — which is the main objective of the game, and emotional skills since they will practice how to be patient. This also helps your toddlers in enhancing their memory since your toddler has to remember the pieces to be able to put it together.
  10. Odd One Out. This is played by placing series of blocks with uniform colour in front of your toddlers but add one colour that is different from the rest. Once your toddler gets to see all of the blocks you’ve piled, ask him or her which is the odd one and let him or her take it out. You can do this with other things too like fruits and vegetables and you can also decrease the difficulty once in a while.

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