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10 Best Ways to Ease Contractions


10 Best Ways to Ease Contractions

Contractions are undoubtedly painful especially when in labour especially when they become more frequent and longer. As this is true for every pregnant woman about to give birth, the intensity of the pain for every mom-to-be is different for each. For some, it may feel the strongest in their backs while others have more pain in their abdomen. As the contractions progress, the intensity may vary from strong theb weak and then back to being strong.


There are two types of remedies that will help mothers-to-be to ease the pain from their contractions. One is through medication, or use of medical drugs and the other is non-medicated or the lamaze techniques. Here are some ways on how to relieve these pains:


Through Medication


  1. Inhalation of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Gas. This is a pain relieving technique where you inhale nitrous oxide and oxygen gas. The dosage or amount of gas you inhale will be controlled by youthe which is why some wome under the influence of contraction pain find relief when inhaling these gases.
  2. Pethidine. This pain relieving method involves injection of a narcotic named pethidine to the mother-to-be. Such narcotics are strong painkillers that may cause nauses or drwosiness as its side effect. In some cases, a drug that prevents you from being nauseous is added with the pethidine to help the woman in labour to avoid getting sick. Narcotucs alsi have a sedating effect on the baby.
  3. Epidural Anaesthesia. This pain relieving drug is an anaesthetic given through a fine tube in the lower part of your back. This anaesthesia gives complete pain relief for the majority of women who have it. Other locally-acting anaesthetic can also be used that blocks the nerves that carry the pain. In some cases, an epidural migjt be advised or recommended for some special situations such as when you are about to give birth to twins, have high blood pressure, or you have a breech presentation. Also, the epidura anaesthesia may be used for those who are about to undergo Cesarean section.


Through Non-medication Techniques


  1. Choose your Surroundings. A place where you are comfortable to give birth should be the place where you should do your labour. With these, you’ll feel to walk around comfortably and bathe. Aside from that, you should also have variety of furnitures and devices that helps you enhance your movement and thus relieves pain. These things could be rocking chairs, birth ball, low stool, squatting bar, and soft beds. The place should also have policies where you can try several positions. Lastly and the most important, access to appropriate medical care if ever emergencies occur.
  2. Practice Rhythmic Breathing. There are several breathing techniques that help you manage your contractions. One is by breathing fully in a slow rhythm during contractions. Then, release each exhalation and try moaning. Another is by doing quick breaths once in every two to three seconds thus around 20 to 30 per minute. If ever you lose your rhythm, your partner can then help you regain it with eye contact, rhythmic hand movements, or by simply talking you through your contractions.
  3. Imagery Visualization. Imagination is your limit, even when under labour. Divert your focus to something that makes you happy or send you positive vibes to engage your senses and decrease your awareness of the pain. You can try to listening to music, a soothing voice, or a recording of ocean waves.
  4. Take a Warm Bath. The warmth of the shower will help in soothing your nerves especially when taking it by sitting in a stool and direct a handheld showerhead onto your abdomen or back. Bathing in warm water helps in relaxing you too and may even speed up labour.
  5. Constantly Move. Moving around as much as you can to stay more comfortable. You can walk, lean, sway, rock, and squat.
  6. Apply Warm or Cool Compress. Applying either warm or cold compress, depends on what is more comfortable for you. You can place a warm pack on the lower abdomen, on the groin, or on the shoulders during labour. Fill a long sock with uncooked rice and heat it in the microwave for about a minute. This will serve as your warm compress medium vut make sure the temperature is just right, not too hot. When it gets cold, reheating can be done. Cold compress on the other hand can help soothe other painful areas however avoid placing cold compress on your abdomen area.
  7. Try Having a Gentle Massage. Involving the sense of touch conveying reassurance, caring and understanding. May it be someone holding your hand, stroking your cheek or hair, patting your hand or shoulder. Get help in getting your massage you with light or firm strokes using oil and lotion to help in soothing you.


Using either way to help you in soothing your pain from contractions is up to you and your doctor. Asking for a medical suggestion or recommendation is also helpful. Make sure to have what is best for you and your little one.


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