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The Newborn Essential Checklist


The Newborn Essential Checklist

Having a baby for the first time makes you anxious and worried about a lot of things. One thing most first time moms worry is the exact things that their little one needs when they come out to the world. Shopping or buying everything that your baby needs and may want or need in his or her first few months in the world can be rather overwhelming since there is just plenty of baby stuff out there in for sale. Thus, planning ahead what to buy won’t make you lose track of what you have to purchase once you get in the store.


To help you, below is a simple checklist that will help you get the right items with the right description that will surely help you and your baby once you get your little one out to the world.


  • Pushchairs and carriers – these essentials are surely helpful especially when you go out for a walk with your little one. A buggy, pushchair which is equipped with a flat surface for babies and with a rain cover and a sunshade. Another pushchair type is a travel system one, which is interchangeable with car seats and carrycots which is essential for transporting or carrying a sleeping baby. When looking for a carrier, choose the baby carrier or baby sling which makes your baby comfortable while you are doing other tasks. Also, look for a baby sling that I durable enough to sustain your baby’s weight when you carry your little one around.
  • Car seat – There are various types of car seats available for sale which are all made for a specific age of a child as well as for their height. So for your newly born little one, choose a car seat which suits as to how many months your baby is. Group 0 is for babies aged 0-12 months and 0+ is for babies aged 0-15 months. There is also an i-sized car seat of which the seats are designed to increase safety.
  • Nursery – Almost all of the first time moms have fascination of designing a nursery room. Even though it is advised that babies should be in their parents’ room for the first six months, still many opt to buy a portable Moses basket, crib or a cradle as their baby’s first bed. Of course, buying a crib sometimes does not include a mattress thus you have to get a separate mattress for your baby.
  • Bathing – also buy bath essentials for your baby such as a rubber duck, a bathing tub, baby soap, and other things that will help in having an enjoyable and fun bathing time.


Other things that you definitely need for your little one are the following:


  1. Sleep suits or long-sleeved suits
  2. Vests or short-sleeved suits
  3. Jackets
  4. Shawl or snow suits
  5. Hat, mittens, and bootees
  6. Changing mat
  7. Bottles, teats, and bottle brush (if using formula instead of breastfeeding)
  8. Plenty of bibs
  9. Plenty of towels
  10. Loads of cotton wool pads
  11. Hair brush


There may be other things that you want to buy for your little one and there is absolutely no problem for that. Just make sure that you have his or her essentials and then you’ll be good to go.


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