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Should you Nurse Your Baby to Sleep?


Should you Nurse Your Baby to Sleep?

It is a common problem for most moms on how to make their babies drift to sleep. Most moms are guilty of giving food or milk to their babies when they start their tantrum crying late at night since it makes them silent and get back to sleep. This action of parents results to the thinking that when the baby cries, feeding them is always the right aide.


Setting this negative impact aside, feeding babies to let them sleep is still an effective way to help your babies relax and fall asleep. This is referred to as nursing your babies. Nursing your babies has effects, may it be good or bad. The advantage of nursing your babies to sleep is that you will have a peaceful night after giving your babies a good feed. Feeding your babies is incredibly the best way to make them relax that even the most overtired babies will definitely calm down because sucking is undeniably relaxing for babies. Aside from that, holding the babies while feeding them adds the feeling of being secured which makes the baby fell relaxed too.


Scientifically, it is not the sucking that helps the baby calm down and relax. There was an evidence that evening breast milk is sedating to babies. It was found by a group of Spanish researchers too that mother’s milk produced during night time or overnight contains relatively high amount of nucleotides — a content that is associated with sleep. In opposition to this, breast milk produced in the morning has a content that stimulates babies which makes it absolutely wrong to pump you morning milks and let them drink those in the evening.


Obviously, that is the known advantage of nursing your babies to sleep. Now on the bad side, one that was mentioned earlier is the thinking that when baby cries late at night or when their sleep is disturbed, there are other disadvantages of nursing your babies to sleep too. One is, as much as moms enjoy nursing, cuddling, and feeding your babies, this action can become tiring and exhausting in the long run. Why? Simply because when your baby starts to cry in the middle of their sleep, you would need to get up, bring your baby to your breast for their milk, or offer them their milk bottles. Another bad side is, when your baby gets used to you nursing them or feeding them to their sleep, most likely that this routine will become a sleep association technique for your babies. When this happens, feeding your babies to sleep will become a necessity for them to be able to sleep. The more you nurse them to sleep by feeding them, the more you will give them the implication that they can’t sleep without their milks.


Because of this, many moms are suffering for a reason that their older babies and toddlers are still nursed to sleep considering their age. These ages are already suited to sleep at night without the nursing, but since it is instilled with them that they should drink milk before sleeping, they can’t sleep with any other way.


Given these circumstances, you should think twice on nursing your babies to sleep frequently. If ever you decide on not nursing your babies, stop worrying. Your babies will still be able to sleep without you giving them milk all the time. Of course, you will have to nurse them to sleep at night. But, you can gently wean your babies from needing breast milk and rocking them to sleep and slowly teach them how to sleep without those. This is in the form of sleep training.


Sleep training is a way of instilling ways to your babies and kids for them to sleep on their own, without you nursing them. There are several types of sleep training and one way may not work on your baby compared to others and another way may work for your baby and not to others.


Nursing your baby depends on you. Depends on what works for you and for your baby and depends on what is comfortable and healthy for your babies.


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