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Using Old Wives Tales to Predict Gender


Using Old Wives Tales to Predict Gender

Pregnancy conditions are identified through check-ups and other processes given by your doctor. However, in the old days, such technology is unavailable thus the way to determine different pregnancy conditions such as the gender of the little one in your womb is through myths and old sayings of the older people and the likes. This may be the old way in determining the gender of the baby, but some these are still followed today.


old wives tales gender prediction


There are plenty of old myths, sayings, and old wives’ tales that are said to help identify the gender of your baby. Here are some below:


      • Your cravings are rumored to tell you whether you are about to have a girl or a boy. If you are having cravings on sweet things, then you are more likely to have a girl and when you crave for salty and protein-rich foods, then it must be a boy. However, basing on cravings alone can’t guarantee your child’s gender since a pregnant one can crave anything and everything.


      • Dark Lines. Referred to as Linea Nigra, these dark lines are the lines that appear in a pregnant woman’s navel to the pubic bone when they are said to have a girl. However, if the dark lines are reaching upwards of which it is from the pubic bone up to below the ribcage then a baby boy is on its way.


    • Pregnancy Glow. Some pregnant women emit an undeniable glow during pregnancy. This is referred to as the “pregnancy glow”. When the complexion of a pregnant woman becomes brighter and the hair has become so shiny it could pass as a model of a shampoo commercial, then a baby boy is what you will be expecting. If you are not experiencing this glow and instead what you have is breakouts, then expect a baby girl growing inside you.


    • Morning Sickness. It is common to be nauseous or get morning sickness when you are pregnant, however, as the old wives tales say, when you are growing a boy in your womb when you don’t experience the morning sickness. However, if you are experiencing the morning sickness there is a great chance that you are carrying a girl because it seems that those who are pregnant with baby girls produce more HCG or Human Chronic Gonadotropin hormone which is known to contribute to the pregnancy nausea.


    • Mood Swings. Pregnant women are known to be moodier than the usual when pregnant. Sayings have it that it could be a girl on the way when being too moody. If you are then chilled out rather than being moody, then expect to have a boy in the making.



There are a lot of old wives tales, saying, legends, or whatever it may be that has been said to determine your child’s gender while still in the womb. Different places have different tales and what be true to one place might not be true to another. There is no harm in believing these but might as well check the experts.


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