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Party Ideas for 5 Year Olds


Party Ideas for 5 Year Olds

Your kid is turning five! After many years, they are in the stage of their lives where birthday parties would matter. It is the time they want to bring their new friends from their nursery school and play with them during their special day.

Your soon-to-be five-year-old kid is full of energy and enthusiasm and they need something extraordinary for their party than the usual boring ones. They want something exciting, fun, and entertaining. Now what are birthday party ideas your five-year old kid would love?

There are plenty of party themes you could organize for your anticipating kid. However, there are still plenty of things to prepare when you are about to throw a birthday party, let alone a kiddie party. First is of course, the planning. Planning comes with different planning timelines. You have to sort out things starting from one month before the party day, two weeks before the day, and one week before the big day to finalize everything. Invitations should be sent out one month before the date. Then you have to slowly buy out party favours, paper goods, and other items that is required for the party theme you chose. Ideal children’s party usually happens in the afternoon. This is the time of the day where kids love to exhaust themselves and drain their energies out. Aside from these, don’t forget the food selections that have to match with whatever theme you come up with.


Now proceeding with the right theme for your kids birthday party, here are some choices you might want to consider.

  • The Artist. Whether you can sense a heart for the arts from your little one, or you just find the artistic approach a fun and exciting birthday party, then this one is definitely great. You may inspire young artists with a party which exhibits their creativity and also gives them the chance to have fun in different artsy activities. Preferably, this party works indoors but for bigger space, you may opt to hold it outdoors too. The games that can be incorporated with this party theme are simply with the help of art stations. You setup different art-inclined stations. Some stations you can put up are finger painting stations, clay station, and poster painting station. Make sure each station can handle at maximum of two to three kids at a time.
  • Outer Space Blast. When your kid is a space enthusiast, this is the perfect party theme for him or her. Most youngsters find space fascinating and exciting. Your focus on this party is a fun but educational with space exploration. Along with your theme is a birthday cake that is designed as a solar system. As for the games in the party, you can play Ring Around Saturn Ring Toss. This is game is played with the principle of musical chairs and ring toss combined. Each guest should have their own rings and you can make them by cutting the ring from the outer edge of a paper. The kids then can design their own rings by putting stickers and such. To make Saturn, use an empty coffee can and cover it with foil and stickers and place a ball on top six inches in size. The game starts by playing music as the kids walk in circle around the center which serves as the sun. When the music stops players should attempt to toss their rings onto Saturn. The winner is the one who scores the most after ten rounds. BONUS. You can serve freeze-dried ice cream which is an astronaut food.
  • Science Party. Is your kid a science enthusiast? Then a science party is the best party theme your five-year old could ever have. A fun, learning, and innovative for young learners in a disguise is the best for your kid and his or her friends who love to explore new things. With this theme, planning should be thorough as well as the decorations must be realistic and very scientific.
  • Bug Party. If you want to give your kid and his or her friends a thrilling yet enjoyable birthday party, then this is the perfect theme you must try. Crawling bugs can be creepy to the eyes of a five-year old. But you won’t be placing in actual bugs. The bugs they can see are the fake ones or those that are made of rubber. You can also opt to have your guests wear bug outfits and your kid, being the celebrant, as the leader of those bugs. For a complete bug experience, you can serve foods of which names is based on bugs. For example, Bugs on Log could be name of the celery stuffed food. Fruit drinks should also be served as Bug Juice.

Aside from these party themes, there are other party ideas which your kid would have favoured if the prefer the “just fun” type of party. With a little bit of a costume party, you can do a “Alice in Wonderland Birthday Theme”, or “Angry Birds Theme Party”. If they want a touch of nature in their special day, you can opt to a “Cowboy or Cowgirl Birthday Party”, or the famous nursery rhyme with plenty of animals in it, an “Old MacDonald Birthday Party”. If they want a simple birthday party, but still elegant and unforgettable for a child experiencing his fifth year in the world, then a “Ballerina Theme” or a “Fireman Theme” is also a good idea.

There are still many themes you can do to give your kid the once in a lifetime birthday party. A day he or she will surely never forget. You can follow these themes suggested here if you can’t think of any but if you want to try on something new and never been done before, then let it happen. At the end of the day, what matters most for you and most especially for your child is the fun and the efforts of you celebrating his day with him. It doesn’t have to be an expensive birthday party.

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