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What Is Postpartum Dry Skin And How To Treat It


What Is Postpartum Dry Skin And How To Treat It

Since your body went through a lot of changes during pregnancy, there is also a guaranteed change in it after you have given birth. Your post-pregnancy hormones can cause a lot of differences and sometimes there are abnormalities which cause you to experience various things especially skin drying and itching. Your skin, including your whole body may experience too much dryness that there might be a presence of flaky patches and would itch from time to time.


The above mentioned dilemma could be worrisome, but there is no need for such negative thoughts since it would surely come off when the time comes. For the meantime, you can do the following steps to lessen the dryness and itching due to the postpartum syndrome.


  • When taking a shower, use a gentle, non-drying bodywash (one that is equipped with a moisturizer).
  • Make it a habit to apply a rich lotion or body oil after taking a shower.
  • As for your face, cleanse it with a gentle cleansing cream and then use moisturize to add moisture to your skin. You can also use a rich hydrating cream instead of a normal moisturizer.
  • Considering all the hotness all throughout the day, leave bowls of water out by the radiators to help with humidity levels. Also, remember to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water.


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