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5 Signs Your Baby is going Through a Growth Spurt


5 Signs Your Baby is going Through a Growth Spurt

Growth spurts are sudden gain of height or weight. This case could be different for any child because some may experience these spurts but some may not. That is why it could be hard for you to identify whether your child could be experiencing growth spurts or not. Usually, a newborn may experience a sudden growth when he or she is around 7 to 10 days old since they have learnt how to breastfeed and the moms have learnt how to do the breastfeeding too thus making thing happen more smoothly.


There are several signs to determine or conclude that your baby is going through a growth spurt. If you observe these signs to your babies, there is nothing to worry about.


  1. Always hungry. You can’t easily tell whether a baby is hungry or not since they are unable to speak in their early weeks. However, just when you think you already have his or her feeding schedule figured out, a sudden change in their hungry time could be observed. You might notice them wanting to eat and eat and eat. In a breastfed baby, this could mean two to four days of marathon nursing and a formula-fed baby could not be satisfied after finishing one bottle of their milk.
  2. Sleeping pattern. It is common that babies have several sleeping time however, when your baby is going through a growth spurt, their sleeping shift could change and this means that they might sleep more than the usual. As said, sleep plays a vital role in the production of growth hormone, a hormone responsible in the primary growth. So, let them sleep more when they want to because that’s just them spurting growth.
  3. She’s being cranky. Babies cry and fuss over the smallest things but sometimes they do fuss because of important matters. During growth spurt, crankiness can be observed from your baby and it may seem dramatic and tiring at the same time, this does not last very long and babies will eventually calm down after their growth spurt. Soothing them is usually by cuddling, lots of cuddling.
  4. New tricks. Oftentimes, babies tend to discover new things they could do with their bodies or with the objects around them. These abilities could be discovered simply because of the growth spurt they are experiencing. This is because as his or her growth is rapidly increasing, their brains too are enlarging physically along with the rest of their bodies as he or she learns to navigate the world causing the skull to grow and fuse in return.
  5. Weight and height gain. Of course, growth spurts are about how well your baby is growing although it seems to be incredibly fast. These numbers increases in a remarkable speed and this sign is the most obvious one in telling if your baby is undergoing growth spurt.


These signs could tell you whether your baby is going to a growth spurt however these are not just the basis. There could be other things associated with these signs and that could be the reason your baby is experiencing them. Have them checked regularly, just to be sure.


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