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Best Sleepover Ideas For 8 Year Olds


Best Sleepover Ideas For 8 Year Olds

In a life of a girl or boy in the early puberty stage, sleepovers, overnights, and slumber parties start to become a trend. This is a great way for them to start creating bonds and building their relationships with their friends. While this is heaven and exciting for the children, this is somewhat frustrating to the parents since there are possibilities of minor incidents during such activities.


For instance, overly excited or homesick kids get nervous tummies, social conflicts, and wetting of sleeping bags. But these are just little accidents that could get better in the long run. Some cases are the sleepless nights specially when it is their first time experiencing such enjoyment since they will be filled with lots of talks, playing, and other activities that will surely make their night memorable and worthwhile.


Some problems party hosts are facing are how to keep the guests and your child’s experience memorable as well as how to keep the party fun and unforgettable. Some party hosts prepare different activities as well as foods to eat for the guests to enjoy. Toys and other things that interest them are usually in the house. Commonly, here are some of the things you should prepare when hosting a slumber or sleepover party.


  • Prepare foods that kids their age would love to eat. Pizza, chips, fries, and the likes are the best option.
  • Try doing challenges that involves food too like the bean boozled. However, don’t force them if they don’t feel like doing it.
  • Having a stock of films or movie to watch too is a good idea. Comedy movies that are suited for their age or cartoons like Disney movies etc.
  • Prepare your drinks properly especially water to keep everyone in the house hydrated.
  • Prepare a typical breakfast like cereal, toast, and jam for the kids to eat the morning after.
  • Have an extra of everything just in case. Extra toothbrush, extra sleeping bags, extra pyjamas, etc.
  • Have some crafty activities as well. There are a lot of ideas on the internet of things you might want to imitate.
  • Prepare yourself and your patience. Remember to have fun.


There are still plenty of ideas and things you could do in your slumber parties. The one mentioned above are basics and are classics. You can always have a chance to be more creative and be unique in your slumber parties as long as it is fun for your child and our guests too.


When hosting a slumber or sleepover party, there are other things that you should remember. You, as a parent should not do it when your child is truly ready. One can distinguish the readiness of their children when they say it themselves that they want to try it after watching or reading some stories that involves overnight stays with other people. Another is when they start to pack a bag and plan what games to play, then probably he or she is ready to rock the night off. Aside from making sure your child is ready, make sure the guests are on the same track as your child. When not, but still want to experience the overnight feels, do a “semi” sleepover in which they wear pyjamas, have fun and leave at a certain time, for instance around 9 p.m.


Next is to limit the guest list. Since your child is new to this, start with a small number of guests. Aside from not surprising your child with too many people in your house, you can also make sure that you as the host can take a good watch on each of these kids. As your kid starts to love the idea of sleepovers and when you get the hang of hosting it, you can gradually increase the number of guests.


Another tip is to stay relaxed and chill on the activities that will be happening during the sleepover. Avoid forcing everyone to participate since they will surely not sincerely enjoy the experience when forced. This might then affect their whole sleepover experience. Have some extra books or magazines or any other things that will keep those who don’t what to participate entertained.


Last is you should make sleep possible. Have a set of rules and let them know what it means to say “lights out” and when it will happen. If the giggles and small talks hasn’t stopped even after the lights are out, try lying down with them or sleeping with them.


There are still plenty of things to remember when hosting an overnight or sleepover party but when you get used to it, hosting these parties will be as easy as pie to you.


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