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Toddlers 19th Month Old Development


Toddlers 19th Month Old Development

Your child has eventually come to an age where he is closer to two years old than one. Might be sad that your baby is growing too fast, but this is such a milestone in your toddler’s life together with their goofy energy, new words spoken and such passion for their newly discovered favourite stuffs.


At 19 months (one year and seven months), your toddler begins to think of his or her independence and there is an evident growth in their confidence level on things. However, your kids can’t fully experience the independent life they wish to have if you don’t allow them to decide on little things that he or she wants or does not want. This growing independence could result to various things such as tantrums. The tantrums is because of  your toddler getting frustrated when he or she won’t be able to do what he or she desires or get what he or she wants.


Their showing of defiance of you through their tantrums is your toddler’s way of telling your or showing you that they need attention and a little bit of reassurance. Instead of getting mad, try to be calm when these emotional outbursts happen and let your toddler know that you are in any way understanding of what they are going through and reassure them that you won’t get mad at them. Nothing to worry about since a little distraction always helps in diverting their tantrums. Aside from little distractions, cuddling your toddler is also a big help since sometimes, that is just what it takes to make things better.


Another thing they might develop in their 19th month is their vocabulary and understanding to what is happening around him or her. At this age, they understand simple things you say but this does not mean that these things will get through them especially during mealtimes. Since he or she is trying to assert her independence, getting your toddler to actually grasp your instructions can be a little bit hard. The best way to get them to listen to you is by treating them the way you want to be treated. Instead of giving them commands, try to compromise in a way that they don’t get too spoiled. For instance, instead of saying “you are not allowed to go outside now”, try saying “how about we read some books now, and then you can go out and play later?”


Since your toddler’s vocabulary is also widening, his or her sense of humour is also emerging. She will love it when you are acting silly around her like pulling a funny face and she will laugh at obvious mistakes like calling a brother a sister. Also, your toddler will be able to start recognize when things are not the way it should be, for instance a doll with only one arm or one leg.


Your toddler, since they are having a sense of independence, could be possible ready for potty training already. With this, you may consider buying a potty and have it around for use so she gets used to its presence. With your toddler getting used to it, training him or her in the next few months in using the potty will be much easier.


With these developments, your toddler also develops hatred towards a lot of things which he or she usually does not notice. One thing they will start to hate at 19 months is their hair getting washed. Some toddlers find it hard and annoying with the thought that their face will be splashed with water. Also, this is the age where your toddler is trying to assert his or her self. If he or she does not want his or her to get washed, he or she will let you know. To resolve this and make hair washing more fun than problematic, place a plastic mirror at the end of the bath. Help them create shapes by their foamy hair. Make shapes of horns, halos, curls and twirls, and anything that will distract him or her and make her giggle. By then, your toddler will not notice that her hair is getting cleaned while he or she is having fun. Also, when it’s your turn to wash your hair, let him or her help you in rubbing shampoo on your hair.


Aside from these major development and changes your toddler may undergo in his or her 19 months in the world, he or she should be able to use a spoon and a fork when eating and should be able to understand more words than he or she can speak. He or she will probably be able to run unaided, and recognise little mistake or when something is not right. Lastly, at 19 month, your toddler might be able to wash and dry her hands alone, identify pictures of object he or she can see on a daily basis like images in books, and he or she might be able to indicate when he or she feels he might need to use the bathroom.


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