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What Age Do Kids Stop Believing Santa


What Age Do Kids Stop Believing Santa

Holiday season, particularly Christmas is often associated with the name Santa Claus. Santa, as commonly referred to most people, is an old man which is believed to drop gifts to various houses. At least that’s what most kids believe in their younger years. However, as they grow older and more mature, they start to know the non-existence of the generous Christmas person, Santa Claus.


Most research showed that kids’ belief towards Santa Claus tend to fade around the same time. Sometime in 1978, statistics pictured that 85 percent of kids aging 4 years old believe in Santa wholeheartedly, 65 percent of the six-year-olds still believed in Santa without doubt, and only 25 percent of the eight-year-olds are still into believing the Christmas-man, Santa Claus. As observed, the ages tell different number of kids believing in Santa. This is because most four-year-olds because kids at this age since this is the time where they start and actually believe the magic of an old man travelling with a sleigh and reindeers just to drop gifts during Christmas. The percentage decreased at ages six and eight since some kids discover the faulty logic of an Old Santa, travelling the world in a night in a sleigh and reindeers at age six, and some kids discover this logic a little later, which is at age eight.


For kids who believe in Santa Claus, they are most likely to follow and do several traditions that are created by Santa-knows-who. For instance, hanging out stockings because of the belief that Santa will be placing or dropping the gift in that stocking. Another one is leaving mince pies outside so that Santa’s reindeers will have to drop by and eat those. Lastly, some kids who believe in Santa sends out letters addressed to North Pole, where Santa Claus is known to be living. However, doing these practices is sometimes the reason why children often discover the truth about the existence of the Old Santa Claus. According to surveys, polls, etc, kids have seen their parents put gifts on the stocking they hung, pretending those were from Santa. The mince pies are also being eaten as if the reindeers were really in their house the other night. And the letters! Oh the letters, most kids discover their handwritten letters which contains everything they want for Christmas in their parents’ room, thus the reason why their parents can give exactly what they wished to Santa. Worst case scenario is that some kids have witnessed Santa, in real life, but is played by someone, a relative or another family member dressed up to be the Old Santa Claus, pretending to be dropping gifts in their doorstep.


The instant these kids discovered the truth — that Santa Claus is not true, some chose not to tell their parents and not spoil the fun. Doing this keeps their parents from being sad since parents tend to do the gift giving on their own while their kids are asleep so that when the latter wakes up, they’ll have gifts and their parents tell them it was Santa who gave those presents to them for being a nice kid throughout the year.


Though it is a loving act of the kids not to spoil the fun by not telling their parents that they already know that Santa does not exist, some children do not want to tell their mothers and fathers that Santa is a myth to keep receiving extra presents, latest polls showed.


Lying about the existence of a magical and enchanted creature like Santa could have negative results too. Some children have developed minute trust issues thinking that if their parents were able to lie on the presence of something or someone so magical, what other things they could be lying to.


But one question that keeps on haunting many from then up to now is why do we opt to believe that Santa Claus, the Christmas Father, exist? Recent survey showed that there are still respondents who wished that they still believed Santa’s existence even if there are plenty who is fine with believing that he does not exist. Maybe because, the thought that someone is willing to go such lengths just to give presents and spread positivity to the world in a single night is so exciting. With everything that is happening to the world now, from climate change to how the people act in various ways that affects not just the environment but also the people that surrounds them. With all the question with regards to the existence of humanity that is slowly fading, having to believe in Santa’s generous and selfless acts every one night of Christmas season somehow helped in believing that there is still a chance at humanity.


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