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What Color is Blood from a Miscarriage


What Color is Blood from a Miscarriage

For the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, there is a common mischief that might happen — miscarriage. Miscarriage is the loss of pregnancy. According to records, one out of three pregnancies happens around their 13th week of pregnancy. However, in most cases, those who experienced miscarriage weren’t aware of their pregnancy.


When miscarriage happens, vaginal bleeding could be present and of course, this worries any pregnant woman. When not informed with the pregnancy, the bleeding could be mistaken as menstruation. This happens because of the similarities of the symptoms between menstruation and a miscarriage. Symptoms of both your monthly period and a miscarriage include pain, cramping, and lastly heavy bleeding and since the presence of pregnancy is not know, the miscarriage can be taken wrongly as menstrual period.


Thus, to avoid unknown pregnancy, might as well know when to conduct pregnancy test. If your menstrual cycle is regular, it would be very likely for you to get pregnant when you engage in sexual intercourse with the opposite sex during your fertile window. When your period won’t come two weeks of your expected date, you may take the test however results may be inaccurate for pregnancy tests taken early, and there are brands too that are more sensitive than others. To make sure, it is best to take not just one test but also consult with a medical expert.


In cases where the cycle of your menstrual period is irregular, having frequent unprotected sex increases the risk of getting pregnant. You can take pregnancy test then two weeks from your last engagement of unprotected sex but still, it could be inaccurate when taken early and having a check up with your healthcare provider is the best way to know.


In other cases, there are miscarriages that happen later in the pregnancy and the bleeding that comes with this mischief often comes with fetal tissue and blood clots that are somewhat larger compared to normal menstrual periods. The tissue found in the blood during miscarriage will definitely look different in color, consistency or texture, and shape. The color could be gray or something uncommon or dissimilar to the color of the blood in menstrual periods.


So, if there are any unusual happenings or scenes during your pregnancies, the best option is to seek for medical advice, rather than self-medicate.


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