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When Can Babies Sleep with Blankets


When Can Babies Sleep with Blankets

Parents, especially the first-timers are very careful when it comes to the possibilities of their little ones getting harmed particularly when they are asleep. There are a lot of things that could happen when your kids are off to dreamland. That is why many moms and dads are wondering when they can replace their babies sleep sacks and safely starts blankets.

Why? What’s so wrong with babies using blankets during night time? According to paediatricians, blankets and other stuffies such as stuffed toys placed in the crib could cause suffocation and could possibly entangle and swaddle your little ones. Pillows and crib bumpers are also prevented. One alternative instead of blankets are sleep sacks, which could be used when your little one is around two months old.

So, when can babies safely use loose blankets? According to studies, loose blankets and other soft items inside your baby’s crib is only when they become a year old. When your babies are imposed with the right way to use their blankets, there are lesser risks reported compared to when they are younger. However, keep in mind that the blanket should be of moderate size and not the overly big ones where they could get their neck wrapped.

Aside from blankets, your little ones could grow more affectionate to other objects or stuff toys as this brings comfort to them. When they become a year old, these stuffed toys inside their crib also has lesser risks of them being suffocated. Similar to the blankets, their stuffed objects should also be small and that does not have parts that easily come off. Just add moderate number of pieces of objects inside their cribs as they might get too comfortable and you might have to pack all of it when those are to sleep away from home.

As mentioned, blankets could be used for babies of 12 months old. However, it is actually hard to keep them under the blanket. This is a phase of their lives where they roll too much and do a lot of things inside the crib which is why most babies can’t keep a blanket totally on.

As your little one gets to grow more and more day by day, he can’t stay in the crib for as long as he wants. Some varies on the age of the toddlers however, every child is different and some are somewhat tall for their age. In this case, your little one should move out of the crib when they are tall enough. Based on age, your toddler should move to a bed when he is about three years old. In terms of height, if your baby is around 35 inches tall or around 89 cm, they could transfer into a toddler bed. To not be confused on how you should judge whether your baby has to transfer into a crib or not, observe how he or she is when she is inside the crib. If your little one seems to be happy being inside the crib and they don’t try to climb out every time, it is best to let them use their cribs until they reached the maximum height which is 35 inches tall.

Aside from keeping out blankets when your little one is below 12 months old, there are also other sleep guidelines a parent should observe to keep their kiddos safe. One is to create a safe sleeping space. Ensuring your child is safe in his or her sleep, you should make sure their cribs or bed when they get to transfer, is far away from any objects with ties or strings. For example, extension wires, window blind pulls, and curtains. Aside from that, keep away also items that your toddler could pull into his or her crib such as picture frames, mobiles, and other hazards. Another one is your toddlers should be able to sleep in the most convenient position for him or her. When your kid is over 12 months old, putting him on his back is not really necessary anymore. He or she is in the age where he or she knows how to sleep safely on his back, side or stomach. So to avoid any further tantrums, let him or her sleep in a position he or she likes. AS time comes, your baby will eventually learn a few things or two in his sleeping routine and there is nothing for you to worry about.

You have to face it that as your child grows older; they become more and more independent of you and of your care. They will eventually learn their way on things and get by safely with everything that they do. Once they are able in handling themselves, you should let them have their way on things and just be there to guide them.


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