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When to Tell People You’re Pregnant


When to Tell People You’re Pregnant

Telling people you are pregnant, especially your friends and family could be very difficult for some. There is no right answer as to when to disclose such precious news however there is right timing for everything. So before you tell everyone that you are pregnant, make sure you ask yourself the following questions and scenarios and you can work out then on when is the right time for you.


  1. Who should you tell first? In most cases, telling closed friends and family that you are pregnant is especially hard compared to people that you know less. Thus, it could be worth planning on whom you would like to tell first. However, in the case of your family and friends, they would like it better if you tell them personally. Some members of the clan, particularly your parents may also expect that they are one of the few that will receive the good news first, but of course, it is your call on who you would like to tell first.
  2. How do you tell them? In today’s generation, announcing such big news could be done easily in social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, keep in mind that controlling your audience in such apps could be a little difficult. Such public announcement could draw significant attention, personal stories and advice, which may or may not be wanted in such news.
  3. Your pregnancy is not expected, how do you tell people? When you are in a relationship, or you have a partner, the decision on who to tell the news first is best decided by both of you. However, an unexpected pregnancy could have various effect on you and your partner, emotional and psychologically. It is best to deal these within yourselves first before telling on others.
  4. You are employed, how would you inform your employer? If your doctor has told you your pregnancy is on critical condition, working will not be a problem in the first few months. Telling your employer is not that much of importance depending on what your employment contract has stated. If you plan on having a maternity leave, give your employer a heads up. Also, confirm this leave at least 4 weeks before the date it actually starts. If your work description involves doing things that may affect or cause harm to your pregnancy, it is best to inform your boss immediately or as soon as possible.
  5. When is the right timing to tell people you are pregnant? Some pregnant women may find it bothering to tell people they are pregnant however, the news and that fact will eventually come out. One reason why they are hesitant to tell people such news at an early stage since miscarriage happens around the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Telling people you are pregnant and had a miscarriage is harder than just telling them you are pregnant. So, just to be sure, best to inform people after your first trimester, or the first three months of your pregnancy.


When you have friends who find it hard to conceive, or just lost their babies, how would you tell them? Pregnancy is such happy news for almost everyone. However, if you have friends who are finding it hard to get pregnant, or someone who just had miscarriage or lost their babies in any other ways, they can be happy about your news, but they could feel sad and bad about their selves. They might also appear unenthusiastic with their joys compared to your other friends. The best way to tell them is in private. Show them that you know your news might not be easy for them to take in.


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